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May I Come in Madam 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update and May I Come in Madam 3rd March 2017 video watch online on

The Episode starts with Lalwani explaining about youth potion. He says man gets revived and feels young. Sanjana says this looks very interesting, we decided we will not make ad without testing any product. She looks at Sanju and asks him to have the spoonful of potion, else you can give resignation. Sanju drinks the potion. They all look at him. Sanju drops on the table. Lalwani says call doctor, else it will be case on my company, he has drunk entire bottle. Sanjana calls doctor. Sanju gets conscious. Sanjana asks are you okay. Doctor says let him rest, sometimes reactions make person faint, I will take this bottle and do tests to find out more side effects.

Sanju acts like a little kid and pulls Lalwani’s hair. Lalwani asks why are you pulling my hair, did I ask you to drink entire bottle. Sanju calls Sanjana as aunty. She asks what are you doing. Lalwani says thanks, it means my product worked, Sanju became child by overdose, he has become good hearted.

Bhupesh gives clothes to Kashmira. Mummy says today Sanju will wash clothes. Kashmira says see how he comes on line today. Chedi gets Sanju home. Sanju asks to whose house did you get me. Kashmira asks what are you saying Sanju. Chedi tells her what happened in office. Kashmira gets shocked. Khiloni comes and looks on. Chedi says Sanju became a kid. Sanju calls Kashmira mummy and asks is this my house. Chedi says Sanju troubled in office and runs. Khiloni calms down Sanju and asks Kashmira not to worry, I will take him out. Sanju jokes on him.

Khiloni takes Sanju with him and pulls his cheeks. Sanju slaps him and asks did you get wine. Sanju says I m doing acting to become kid. Khiloni asks what are you saying. Sanju says till Kashmira gets new maid, till madam makes someone do my work, I will enjoy as kid. Khiloni says you made me ashamed, did you not get my meanness, you became kid, girls like kids and find kids cute, use this situation and jump in Sanjana’s lap. Sanju smiles.

Its morning, Sanjana says this happened wrong, we can’t do this with Sanju. Lalwani says I did not know the product will have such effect. Sanju comes and hears him. Sanjana says I feel awful, I ruined his life. Sanju bites Lalwani’s hand. Chedi asks Sanju to leave Lalwani. Sanju says my gums are softening. He asks Sanjana to make him sit in her lap and sing lullaby. She asks him to sit on chair, her dress will get spoiled. She shows him video. He sees Dadi and shouts no. Chedi says I will manage kids, I love kids. Sanju thinks Chedi’s thinking about kids will change. He jumps on Chedi and pulls his hair.

Bhupesh makes Sanju enjoy swing. Sanju kicks him and laughs. Sanjana asks Bhupesh to talk to Sanju well. Kashmira comes there. Sanjana asks him to manage Sanju, he has troubled a lot. Kashmira says don’t feel bad, but what was the need for making Sanju drink youth potion. Sanjana says it was an accident, I did not know this happen. She goes. Sanju fools and kicks Bhupesh. He laughs.

Kashmira gets Sanju home. Sanju jokes on mummy. Kashmira asks will you see cartoon. He says I m seeing elephant cartoon here. Mummy gets annoyed and says I will leave this house. Sanju says promise don’t come back. Kashmira pulls his ears and shuts him in bathroom. Mummy asks him to dance and romance, then Sanju will recall everything. Kashmira says I will make him Sanju again. Mummy laughs.

Sanju comes to room and acts like kid. Kashmira romances with him. She dances on Namak ishq ka….. Sanju cries. She makes him sleep. He thinks its my bad fate.


May I Come in Madam 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Kashmira gives Sanju a kid’s makeover. Sanju gets shocked.

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