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May I Come in Madam 9th August 2017 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 9th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju coming to office and thinking to talk to Chedi about increment. He calls Chedi and says I m working here since 8 years. Chedi says congrats. Sanju says I want promotion. Chedi says you should get termination, you are lazy, did you do the work. He asks him to go and work, else he will lose job.

He gets a call and says what CEOs are getting kidnapped, thank God I m chairman, not CEO, but Sanjana is the CEO here. He worries. Sanjana scolds Sanju. Chedi comes and asks how is she talking to Sanju. She says he is careless employee. Chedi says Sanju should be CEO of this company. Sanjana and Sanju ask what. Chedi says Sanju is now the CEO, and you are fired. Sanjana asks are you out of your mind. Chedi praises Sanju. Sanju thinks what will I do here if madam is removed. He asks Chedi to keep Sanjana on any job, make her my secretary.

Sanjana says I m not going anywhere leaving this company. Sanju says please make her my secretary. Chedi agrees and goes. Sanju congratulates Sanjana. She gets angry and goes. Sanju says she got annoyed, I m her boss now, she will dance on my fingers now. He goes home and shouts Kashmira. She says you look so happy. Sanju says I have become CEO of the company. He gives sweets. Mummy finishes the box. Kashmira says leave sweets, mummy is so happy, we will call Dadi too. Sanju says no need. Dadi comes. Mummy runs. Dadi asks the news. He says I have become CEO. She asks for sweets. He gives her a box and feeds her. Khiloni comes and takes sweet box. Dadi slaps him. Khiloni says I came to say this sweet is bad. Dadi asks him to go. She beats up Sanju.

Its morning, Sanju takes the CEO’s place. Sanjana comes and greets him. He does shayari. She says nice, I didn’t understand the meaning. He says I will call you madam. He imagines Sanjana and makes Bhupesh sit in his lap. He scolds Bhupesh as the boss. He demotes Bhupesh and sends him.

Sanju meets Khiloni. Khiloni asks when did you become CEO. Sanju says yesterday, Chedi was happy with me and made me CEO, I m annoyed you are giving me news today. Sanjana asks him to get a chair for him, he is CEO. Khiloni says then leave, you changed so soon. Sanju says you have emotions being a poor man, you were always insulted, don’t you get peace. Khiloni makes a drink. They talk about a business deal.

Its morning, a man comes office and asks liftman about CEO. Chedi thinks is he CEO kidnapped. Liftman says Sanjana. Chedi stops him and asks what do you want to know. The man asks who are you. Chedi says I m peon. The man says you would know everything. Chedi says yes why did you come. The man talks strange. Chedi describes Sanju. Liftman plays song on radio. Chehra ye badal jayega…..Sanjana greets Sanju. She reminds him work. He asks her to do work. She argues with him. He shows the car to him. She says its nice. Sanju gets kidnapped. Sanjana screams for help. Chedi comes. She says someone kidnapped Sanju. Chedi says you became CEO again, I will tell you. She asks what’s the connection.


May I Come in Madam 10th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sanju describes Sanjana. The kidnapper scolds him. Sanju gets beaten up.

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