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Mere Angne Mein 11th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 11th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Mere Angne Mein 11th March 2017 video watch online HD on 

The Episode starts with Sarla reading newspaper. Pari comes home. Sarla beats her and says I m free, and have no work to do, so I m beating you. Pari calls her mad. She says you are politician, people want you to do something. Sarla cries. Pari asks her not to cry, I just said what public will say, I hate tears, don’t cry, tell me why are you tensed. Sarla says there is no use to become politician, my name did not come in newspaper. Pari says you have to become famous, big politicians go in big inaugurations and get famous, if you want this, then go for inaugurations, meet people. Sarla says I understand, but where to go.

Ashok gets fresh vegs and asks Sarla to cook dinner. Sarla and Pari smile and see him. He asks why are you staring at me, is there any plan. He says Dohas. Sarla and Parinod. He goes. Shanti says it means the ghost wants my swing, like Riya liked my swing, it maybe someone else, we have to call baba. Kaushalya chants hanuman chalisa.

Sarla and Pari go to inaugurate Ashok’s canteen and get media attention. Pari asks everyone to clap for Sarla. Sarla says I m inaugurating this canteen to feed the poor people. Ashok looks on. Sarla gives a speech. He holds his head and asks her to stop it, its railway canteen, food can’t be given for free. She says its just to say. He says it can be problem for me, we will get poor, what will we do. She says I will make you rich, be quiet. Reporter asks Ashok why is he not happy. He says no, I m very happy, Sarla’s decision to do social work is good. Sarla makes false promises. Everyone clap.

Pari asks them to come and see canteen. Sarla asks Ashok not to say more dohas. Baba does the havan and checks entire house. He says there is some power in this house, which does not want to go from here. Aarti looks on. Shanti says I think its Riya, she has her child here. He says the spirit will not let anyone live peacefully. Shanti asks him not to scare and find solution, make the spirit calm.

Ashok is glad to sit with Sarla and have tea. Pari says I m thinking to work on tv, I was looking good. Sarla says yes, you are my daughter. Prabha comes and scolds Sarla. Ashok asks what happened. Prabha says you declared of free cylinders, I will take cylinder from you, people are taking away from every house and acting as goons, its all because of you. Sarla says I will cook food and send you. Prabha and women enter her house and take cylinder. Ashok asks Sarla to take her promises back. She says no, I will save you.

Shivam comes home and gets angry. He pours water on havan and asks do you think Riya is troubling you all, its all superstitions. Shanti says Riya will not trouble us, but maybe she has longing for you and baby, maybe its any spirit from ghat. Shivam sends the baba out. Shanti asks Kaushalya not to start crying now, we will send the spirit by getting other baba. Aarti looks on.

Shanti tells spirit that she will not let anything happen to her house. Nimmi gets gangajal. Shanti sprinkles it around the house. Sarla thinks what to do now, I m very hungry. Amit asks her to cook food. She sits quiet. He says I will cook and goes to kitchen. He asks about cylinder. She says Prabha threatened me and took cylinder. He asks how. She shows the news of her decision, that extra cylinders will be taken from rich people. Amit asks what did you do. Prabha cooks snacks and shows Sarla to make her jealous.

Sarla scolds her. Amit says I will call media, take statement back. He calls reporter and asks him to come home soon. Aarti thinks what’s the use of such life, I give sorrow to everyone.


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