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Mere Angne Mein 11th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein  11th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Kaushalya blaming Raghav for everything. Amit asks Pari to come with him to temple. She asks him for money. Amit agrees. Raghav asks them to give some prasad at temple. Nimmi asks Shivam not to get angry, you got first salary, you plan some surprise. He asks are you mad, what shall I get for mum, Dadi gave all responsibilities to Aarti, can anyone breath freely here. She says its mother’s day, we can do something special, like she makes tasty food for us, we can cook for her, and give her some small gift, don’t waste mind in all this, just think of mothers day, we should make it special.

Pari drinks cold drink. Amit says I want to marry Charni. She asks what, she is low standard than Rani, she is a maid. Amit says Shanti is trusting her much more than Riya, she will give everything to Aarti. She asks why will she marry you. He says she thinks I m decent, see Shivam is also without wife, if they see baby’s mum in Charni, they will get them married. She says fine, I will make them against Charni, Kaushalya feels jealous of her, I will not let them see baby’s mum in Charni. He says great, go and do your work now. She goes.

Shanti asks Aarti to write on envelops and keep money. She guides her. Aarti feels bad. She cries and asks why are you giving me honor, Kaushalya is upset. Shanti asks don’t you want Kaushalya to take rest, I won’t let her work, she will fall ill this way. Aarti says you are saying right, she needs rest, she is falling ill. Shanti says yes, let her rest, we will keep her away from work. Aarti says fine, I will manage till you say, I promise. Nimmi hears them. Raghav comes there. Kaushalya asks Nimmi not to give more samosas to Raghav, its not good for health. He says fine and goes.

Aarti says no one has give me so much respect, I promise I will not break your trust. Shanti thinks trust is big thing, Kaushalya broke my trust, I should show trust on someone. Surekha thinks of her dance. She gets some medicine and recalls Preeti feeding her juice. She thinks to teach Preeti a lesson.

Shanti comes to Shivam. He says you here. She says yes, this is my house, you are angry on me as I snatched rule from your mum. He says no, I get sad seeing her. She says I did this to make her rest, I came for this. She gives his salary. Aarti looks on. Shivam asks why. Shanti says you are on govt. Job, its big thing, keep your salary, don’t drink wine, don’t break my trust. She cries. Shivam hugs her. She says leave me now, you are crying like kids, after becoming father.

Aarti cries seeing them. He says you trust me, I promise I will not touch wine in my life, I will fulfill all my duties. She says see you left wine and mind is running in right direction. He asks her to keep money, as she manages all money, I will take it if needed. She says this is also fine, I will keep it, take some for expenses. He gets emotional and says I have seen how I lived and how days changed, I did not think you will give me money. She says you are earning now, I give just 5000rs to Raghav and gave you 10000rs. He hugs her. Aarti goes. Shanti asks him to leave her and wipes tears. She leaves. Shivam smiles.

Kaushalya is angry. Pari hears Kaushalya talking to Nimmi. Pari says Riya did not know black magic, like this Charni. Nimmi asks her not to add ghee in fire. Pari argues and says your thinking is bad. Kaushalya says Pari is right, Charni knows magic. Nimmi asks Kaushalya not to fall in Pari’s words, Riya tried and could not run house, even Charni can’t manage. Pari asks if she manages. Kaushalya says I will become sanyasan. She goes.

Surekha asks Preeti why did she do this with her. Preeti asks what did I do. Surekha shows the bottle and asks what’s this, tell me truth now. Preeti gets tensed. She calls out Nandu. Surekha says I did not tell anything to Nandu yet. Preeti argues with Surekha. Surekha asks her not to involve Nandu in their fight. Preeti insults her. Surekha says I got these keys from Nandu. Preeti says see how I take keys back from you. Surekha says we both are here, we will see. Preeti challenges her and says we will see who makes the other one a servant in 10 days.

Amit helps Aarti in her work and initiates a talk. Shanti asks Kaushalya to call Shivam. Kaushalya says he went to train Kavita. Shanti says its good, but I m scared he went to wine shop. Kaushalya says no, he will not touch wine, he promised. Shanti says its tough to control wine addiction. Amit says Shanti thinks a lot for Shivam, I got gifts for everyone. Shanti asks him to show surprise. Amit gifts everyone. He gifts a saree to Shanti. Everyone gets glad. Kaushalya gets shocked seeing the saree and says its same saree which we bought in sale last year. Amit and Pari worry. Nimmi says yes, Kaushalya bought this saree in sale and gave it to Sarla. Amit thinks their memory is really good, Sarla gets everything from them, what will I do now.


Mere Angne Mein  12th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Raghav and Shanti talk to everyone. Shanti says Raghav and Shivam will make kheer for their mothers, no one will help them. Everyone smile.

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