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Mere Angne Mein 12th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 12th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Mere Angne Mein 12th February 2017 video watch Online on

The Episode starts with Shanti going to fill nomination papers. She waits for Sarla and Riya. Nimmi says I have seen Riya, she looked paper as if she got identity proof. Shanti says its good. They leave. Pari asks the man can she stand in elections in Sarla’s place. The man asks her to call Sarla fast. Pari asks Amit to go and get Sarla. Shanti comes there from Kaushalya and Nimmi. Amit lies about Sarla. Shanti understands and asks what is Sarla doing now, go and call Sarla. Nimmi says Sarla promised Shanti that she won’t fight elections. Amit says I will get Sarla, don’t listen to them. Sarla comes there.

Shanti asks Sarla why did you come, I knew you will break promise and trust like always. Sarla says no, I just broke your hunger strike, I thought its same to get rule in our hands.

Shanti says its fine if you are adamant and want to fight, lets have a tough competition, you will know who I m. Sarla says I will not move back, you also broke promises, I want to go ahead on own. Kaushalya says I feel lucky to live under Shanti’s supervision. Sarla asks Kaushalya not to give Gyaan. Shanti says shut up, till this elections ends, we are not related, I will win, this is my challenge. Sarla says I will also challenge you, I will forget my mum is standing in front of me and fight elections.

Sarla asks them to decide who will join whom. Nimmi and Kaushalya take Shanti’s side. Preeti goes to Sarla’s side. Shanti gets shocked. Pari goes to Sarla. Amit says I will support both, as both are same for me. Shanti says you can either give vote to me or Sarla. Amit says its dharam sankat for me, I won’t give vote to anyone. Shanti says we have to see whom Shivam and Riya support.

Shanti comes home and hears Kaushalya praising her. Kaushalya says we will fix posters and ask for vote by doing bhajan. Nimmi says fine, call them at home, I will tell them why to vote for Shanti, how Shanti has joined family by difficulty, she will keep locality united also. Shanti smiles. Nimmi says we will spend some time to get votes as other party is doing. Shanti says no, Raghav’s money is hardearned, I will not spend money. Nimmi says everyone spends money, you can lose. Shanti says I will not give money. Riya comes home.

Shanti stops her. She says its fine if I lost small rule here, big power will come in my hands, Sarla cheated me, what shall I say Riya now. She asks Riya to get proof of her identity soon. Riya tells Kaushalya that she will cook food. She goes. Shanti says we will win. Nimmi says no one can make you lose. Shanti cries.

Sarla asks Amit why did you not tell Shanti that you will stand with me. Amit says how can I go against him. They see Rani doing Shanti’s campaign. Sarla scolds her. Rani argues and scolds them for cheating her. Amit stops her. Rani asks him to leave, else she will ruin them in no time. The lady asks Sarla what are you doing, you always do wrong things, you stood against Shanti in elections, think of having grandchildren in this age. Rani says no, she does not need grandchildren, she will earn, eat and die on day, all by her own. Sarla gets angry and goes.

Sarla comes to meet Ashok at canteen. She says I m standing against Shanti in elections. He reminds what Shanti did for them. Sarla says I remember everything, I want to be on own, you shut this cheap shop. He asks why, I earn from this shop. She says I m going to become minister, you are my husband, will this suit you. He asks what about earning for home. She says I will manage. She asks people to leave. Ashok says politics will be good for us. She asks him why does he want to be at same place, I will open five star rest room for you. She asks the man to pack the food. She locks the canteen. Ashok asks her to think again. She says I thought well and goes. He says you are not doing right.

Kaushalya sees her Chandrahaar and cries. Nimmi comes there. Kaushalya asks her to sell Chandrahaar. Shanti hears them. Nimmi says you never let anyone touch this, why are you selling it. Kaushalya says this necklace is not imp than my family, Shanti has to win elections, Sarla challenged Shanti openly, I will not let Shanti lose, if she loses, her trust will break, she has to win, make fake necklace of this design, so that Shanti does not get doubt, I m scared of her. Shanti gets shocked hearing this. Kaushalya cries and asks Nimmi to go. Nimmi and Kaushalya see Shanti and get shocked.

Riya says there is less time in hearing, arrange the proof. Sarla says its not big thing, its easy. Riya asks what, you know where I can get my documents.

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