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Mere Angne Mein 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Amit thinking they have good memory. He says I got this by my first salary, I took constable along, I m not lying. Shanti says don’t take tension, I liked it. She asks Kaushalya to see her son, rather than saree. Pari asks Amit to get good gift next time. He says yes, let me get money. He thinks to gift Charni, I got a kerchief for her, she will think of me. Shivam comes home. Kaushalya checks if he is drunk. She says I trust you. Shanti says good, and asks Shivam what is he hiding. He says nothing.

She says Shivam got wine in sweet box, shameless, he got clever. He says no, its khoya. She sees sweets. He says you all make much food for us, its mothers day tomorrow, so I thought to celebrate it from today itself, so I got khoya to make something for you all, shall I make kheer. Raghav comes. Shanti asks Shivam will he make kheer on own. He says yes. Raghav says why will you make alone, I will also feed kheer to my mum too. Shanti says so they will make kheer for their mothers, none will go there, they will make on own. Raghav says why will I make, I will just feed you. Shanti asks him to make it. Nimmi asks Raghav and Shivam to go. Shanti says no one will help them.

Shivam asks Raghav do you know making kheer. Raghav says when did I say I will make it. Aarti silently goes out and sees Raghav and Shivam in kitchen. She asks shall I help. She tells them to boil milk. Raghav asks her to say loud, or come inside. Aarti says no, it will be much cheating. Raghav asks her to come. Shivam asks her to hold his hand and come inside the window. Aarti comes. She asks them to put some rice in kheer. Shanti asks what’s happening. Shivam says kheer is cooking. Raghav asks what now. Aarti says I will make it. Raghav gets kadai. She asks them to put ghee in kadai. Raghav says I will just come, none should know this. Raghav locks the door. They ask is kheer made. Raghav says no one is allowed inside, kheer is getting prepared. Shanti asks what plan is working out. Raghav says I m making on own, I did not take anyone’s help. Shanti says you two have to make on own. He says I got tired and sits. Aarti helps Shivam in cooking. Shanti says my son will make food for me, its smelling good. Kaushalya asks who is sitting here then, my son is cooking. Shanti asks Raghav to go. Raghav asks how will I cook along Shivam. Shanti says Kaushalya will taunt me. Raghav goes to kitchen. Aarti says it will be made in some time. She grinds elaichi. Shivam asks her to leave it. She gets hurt. Shivam holds her hand. Raghav asks what happened. Shivam says nothing and grinds. Shanti asks what’s happening. Aarti says I will go now, Shanti can see me. Shivam says wait here, what to do of this. She asks him to put the powder in kheer, just stir it, I will go out, kheer will be ready in 15 mins. Raghav thanks her. Shivam asks her how to check its made. She says rice will get soft. Shivam says fine. Raghav asks Shivam to make you go out. Shivam holds her hand and sends her out of the window. Aarti looks at him. Shivam goes back to Raghav.

Shanti says I would have made many dishes in so much time, where did Charni go. She calls out Charni. Aarti goes home. Shanti asks where did you go. Aarti says nothing, I went to have fresh air. Shanti says I thought….. She looks outside. She asks did you help them. Aarti worries. Raghav says remember, we both made this, milk yours, sugar mine, badam yours, elaichi mine. Shivam laughs and says fine. Raghav asks him to stir. Shanti asks them to get it. Raghav says time is needed to make good things. He asks Shivam to check the rice. Shivam checks and smiles, saying its done. Raghav asks him to taste. He gets a spoon. Shivam puts kheer on hand and tastes. Raghav asks what happened. Shivam signs him.

Raghav moves him and tastes. He says you are big drama. Shivam laughs. Raghav comes and says kheer is ready, anyone can have it. Shanti asks where is it. Raghav says its coming. Kaushalya asks Shivam shall I help. Raghav says no need, we did not take help in making it. They all have kheer. Shivam feeds it to Kaushalya. She says its world’s best kheer, great Shivam. Shanti also likes the kheer. Shivam tells good lines for Kaushalya. She cries. She goes to feed kheer to baby. She sees Riya’s pic in cradle and asks how did this come here.

Aarti says I have kept it there, so that baby remembers her mum always. Shivam turns upset. Shanti says you did very good thing Charni. Kaushalya hugs Riya’s pic and cries. She shows Riya’s pic to baby. Baby pushes spoon. Kheer falls on Riya’s pic. Kaushalya laughs and asks Shanti to see what baby did, she told happy mothers day to her mum and fed her kheer like Shivam did. Shanti sees Shivam. Shivam says I got gifts for everyone and goes. Shanti cries. Shivam gets gifts. He gives a saree to Shanti.

Shivam takes her blessings. Shanti gives clothes to Raghav and says I m tensed about size fitting, try it once. Raghav says don’t worry. Shanti asks Raghav to try it and keep Shivam’s heart. Raghav says understood, I will wear it. Shivam gifts saree to Kaushalya and hugs her.


Mere Angne Mein 13th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Aarti asks what did you get for baby. Shivam gets silent.

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