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Mere Angne Mein 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Mere Angne Mein 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Shivam and Nimmi talking. He says I will go and find mummy. Shanti says Kaushalya is not a little kid, she will come, maybe she went to temple to find a girl for you. Pandit gives some churan and asks Kaushalya to feed it to Shivam. Kaushalya asks will my son get married tomorrow, I want him to marry soon. He asks how can this happen. She gives him money and says its my wish, do some miracle, the girl should come to Shivam and propose, Shivam should agree. He asks her to give big Dakshina, then he will see, you have much money. He holds her hand. She gets shocked.

Nandu asks Shanti to talk to reporter. Shanti gives her interview. Rani asks mehendi designer to just do her work. The lady asks does she not have shame. Rani says she is marrying in this age, why do you care.

Shanti says I m thinking which movie to do next. The lady says she talks a lot. Nandu sends reporter. He compliments Shanti. She asks Nimmi to call Kaushalya. Nimmi says maybe she is in temple. Shanti says let Kaushalya come, Shivam tell her you don’t want to marry.

Shanti gets mehendi applied. Few party members come to meet Shanti. Shanti goes to talk. Pari says I got bored, we will have some dance. Kaushalya beats the pandit. He sprays on her. She faints. He asks his assistant to call at her home for ransom. Shivam attends the call. The man says we have kidnapped Kaushalya, arrange money to get her. Shivam does not hear anything by music and ends call. Pandit says call again, what to do, let her be here, we will have food and come. They lock door and leave. Nimmi, Pari and Preeti dance on Cutie pie….. Amit dances around Aarti. He shows his mehendi. Shivam asks the man to set frame and take closeup. Shivam sees Aarti.

Amit and Rani ask Shivam to apply mehendi. Shivam refuses. Rani asks the lady to apply mehendi to Aarti. Aarti refuses. Amit asks why. Shivam asks don’t you want to marry. Amit says why are you saying so, don’t stop my marriage. Shivam says it would mean such. Amit says she has to marry me. Rani says she will get mehendi and marry too, she is nervous. Pari asks what’s happening. Rani says maybe Charni is waiting for nek, Kaushalya is not here. Nandu’s mum says I think Rani is right, Kaushalya does not know to do rituals. Shivam says if mum is not here, it does not mean ritual won’t be done, I will do it. He gives nek to Aarti. Constable comes and asks Amit to come. Amit says my mehendi did not dry. He goes.

Pari says I will do touchup to makeup. Rani asks everyone to rest. The lady asks what’s happening here. Rani says you do your work, show me designs. Aarti says I won’t get mehendi. Rani says no, its not touched by Amit. Rani asks her to start crying. Aarti starts crying. Rani asks the lady to get water. Rani says I will hide all mehendi. The girl comes back. Shanti asks why are you crying, why did you not get mehendi, where did everyone go. Rani tells everyone has gone for work.

Shanti asks Aarti not to be with Rani. Rani says cones got torn. Shanti asks how, the bride did not get mehendi. Lady hears this and drops glass. Shanti goes and asks Shivam to get mehendi cones. She names Riya. He gets upset. He goes. Kaushalya gets conscious. She sees her phone dead and cries. Rani says Aarti does not want to marry, don’t tell this to anyone. The lady says no, Nandu got me, I can’t break his trust, you are doing wrong, I will tell everything to them. Rani and Aarti get shocked.


Mere Angne Mein 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : The lady faints. Nandu, Aarti and Rani take her and hide. Kaushalya tries to leave from pandit’s clutches.