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Mere Angne Mein 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Mere Angne Mein 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Aarti and Rani begging the lady not to tell anyone. Aarti explains that Amit is Rani’s husband and she does not want to marry him. Lady says I will go but after telling truth. Rani hits coconut on her head. Lady faints. Nandu comes there and sees the lady fallen. He asks what happened, what did you do. Rani says I will tell you later, help me in hiding her. He asks what are you saying. She says please help me first. They lift and take the girl to hide. Kaushalya asks the pandit’s assistant to give her some water. She beats the lady and makes her fall. Nandu and Rani hide the lady in storeroom. Kaushalya drags the lady. Shanti says where did everyone go, are they playing hide and seek. Rani says we have to hide her, else Amit can know. Aarti asks why are we hiding her,we can send her. Rani says we will send her at night. Rani and Aarti tie the lady.

Nandu asks them to say what’s happening. Aarti says I don’t feel right. Rani asks them to calm down. They go out. He asks Rani to tell him. Rani says we don’t want Amit’s second marriage to happen. Aarti says I don’t want to marry Amit. He gets shocked. Rani says I know Amit loves me, I have to make him realize. He says you were seeing a guy. She says no, it is just a drama, you work in films and would know many people, tell someone to act with me in my drama. He says I understand, I did a lot to get Preeti, anyways I will support both of you, don’t worry I will find a guy for you. Rani says sangeet is today, find guy today itself. Aarti asks what to do of this lady. Nandu says after sangeet, I will drop her home and explain everything. Rani and Aarti stop Shanti. Shanti says I will go storeroom and check the utensils.

Nandu says no, you can’t go there, you have mehendi in hands, I will find it. Shanti says fine, Aarti come with me for mehendi. Nandu goes. Rani worries. Nimmi thinks where is Kaushalya. Preeti asks Nimmi if she has seen her dance CD. Nimmi says no. Preeti collides with Shivam. The cone bursts and he gets mehendi on his hand. Shanti asks Preeti to take mehendi. Shivam keeps the mehendi. Rani says you got mehendi in hand, great, like haldi got on your hand before, see how soon you get married. He says you started again. Shanti asks them to call mehendi designer, call her fast. Kaushalya thinks how to leave from here, I came here for Shivam. Pandit goes to see her. She tries to escape. Rani says the mehendi designer has run away. Shanti asks Pari to apply mehendi to Aarti. Pari says my hands will spoil. Rani asks shall I apply mehendi to Aarti.

Shanti says you maybe planning something, apply mehendi. Amit comes home. He sees Rani applying mehendi to Aarti and asks for mehendi designer, mehendi should not spoil. Rani argues with him. Amit asks her to write his name in Aarti’s hand. Rani says I have to go and meet the guys for marriage, I will be marrying one of the five guys. Amit gets jealous. Rani asks do you have problem if I write my BF’s name. Amit says Aarti is my would be wife, how will you go out, who will protect you. Everyone look on. Amit goes.

Aarti says I won’t get Amit’s name mehendi, I will get up. Rani asks her to calm down. She says put some curtain to ward off bad sight. Shanti agrees. Rani asks Nandu to call and find out about the guy. Nandu goes to make the call. Pari, Preeti and Nimmi hold the curtain. Aarti says I won’t get Amit’s name. Rani says fine, I will write Lord’s name, maybe your husband can come back. She writes Shiv in her hand and says name written. Amit says show me. Shanti says not now, after marriage, its abshagun to see now. Aarti gets relieved.

Kaushalya comes home by much difficulty. Everyone think she is some baba and greet. Shanti apologizes. Shivam asks who is this tantric. They get shocked seeing Kaushalya. Shanti asks what’s all this. Kaushalya cries and tells about fraud baba, who kidnapped her. They get shocked. Kaushalya says I came running by much difficulty, I wanted to get Shivam married. Shanti calls her stupid to do all this. Shivam makes Kaushalya sit well. Kaushalya says I wanted to do something for Shivam. Shanti says you became clever, you did not ask me, am I outsider, shall I do your aarti. Kaushalya says I did mistake, I swear I will not hide anything from you. Shanti asks did you think what will happen of me if anything happens to you. Kaushalya says my friend took me and said not to tell anyone, else it will be abshagun. Shanti asks do you mean I m unlucky. She looks at Kaushalya.


Mere Angne Mein 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shivam tells Amit that Rani always cried and she has always hidden the reason behind her tears. He says you did not make Rani out of the heart, you and Rani are made for each other, break this marriage. Rani hears them.