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Mere Angne Mein 14th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 14th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with lady asking Shanti and Kaushalya to get Aarti and Shivam marry. Kaushalya says enough, we kept her to take care of baby. Lady says you don’t know men, they like beautiful women, you get them married, else they will marry and come home. Lady goes. Shanti and Kaushalya get thinking. Shanti asks Kaushalya to get tea.

Shivam goes to train Kavita. She apologizes and says I did mistake, I was immature, I will work hard now. He asks her to run 10 rounds. She asks him why is he saying so when she is getting friendly. He asks her to focus. She gives him flowers and apologizes. Shivam takes flowers. She asks him to smell it once and see. He smells and sneezes. She laughs. He says sorry and keeps sneezing. She thinks now you will be just sneezing. He gives her flowers. She keeps it away. She says I did not know you have allergy by roses. He asks her to throw roses. He asks her to run 20 rounds. He also runs with her. She gets tired. He asks what’s your problem, just listen one thing, you can’t make me run away, I don’t care of your stupid doings. Kaushalya cries and gives tea to Shanti.

Kaushalya says what did the lady say wrong, if anything happens, what will we do, get Shivam remarried. Shanti gets shocked. Prabha is at veg stall. Bindu comes and asks her about Rani. Prabha says she is not leaving from home. Bindu says Rani will not go easily, she got feathers these days, guys are mad after her. Prabha says I don’t care. Bindu says you have two daughters, what will people say, if Rani is like this, your daughters will also be such, I m your friend and said this, you can decide. Prabha goes home and sees Rani. She argues with Rani, and asks her to go out wearing simple clothes, she is left by her husband, people talk about her. She asks Rani to keep her respect. Rani says why do you care. Prabha asks her to stay at home.

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Shanti asks Kaushalya what did you say, if husband dies or leaves, second marriage won’t happen, its not a tradition in our marriage, if you care for Shivam’s loneliness, explain him to spend time with his daughter, like I did after my husband’s death, I did not go to remarry. Aarti comes home. Kaushalya asks her to stay away from her. She blames Aarti for all the problems. Shanti asks Aarti not to ask the matter, every house has problems.

Shanti asks Aarti what did she get. Aarti says its mothers day, so I got something for you all, I know you all got gifts, so I thought to get something. Shanti asks her did she get money for free, she has to give account of money. Rani cries and wipes her makeup. She gets angry. Prabha and Bindu have tea. They get shocked seeing Rani in younger avatar. Rani says I felt why shall I not listen to my heart, I got a change in me, I don’t care what people say, I will wear such clothes. She goes. Prabha says Rani will ruin my respect.

Shanti asks Aarti what did she get. Aarti says I got betel for you. Shanti says great, I was thinking to have betel now, Kaushalya made me angry. Aarti gives her betel. Shanti asks what’s that. Aarti says for Kaushalya. Shanti says Gajra for Kaushalya, she likes it a lot, Raghav gets it for her. Aarti gives it to Kaushalya. Kaushalya stays upset. Shanti says Kaushalya will wear it. She asks Kaushalya to get right soon, Aarti got betel for me. Nimmi says you never listen to me. Shanti says yes, you don’t do anything. Amit comes home and sees Ashok and Rani. Amit gets shocked seeing Rani’s new look. Rani reminds Amit’s challenge. Ashok says he can’t marry. Amit says I will marry in 5 days. Ashok says she is not your wife now, leave her hand.

Rani says maybe he knows my value now. Amit says your value is not more than junk. Ashok asks her not to insult Rani. Rani asks him to talk well, she is not old Rani now. She goes.

Nimmi gets the saree for Shanti. Shanti gets glad. Nimmi says I did not wish to take Shivam’s importance and did not give yesterday. Shanti says these sarees are costly, how did you get money. Nimmi says I have made these designer sarees from old sarees. Shanti praises her. Kaushalya says I will see later. Pari cries and says I m missing mummy. Kaushalya hugs her. Shanti says I will call Sarla and ask her to come back soon. Nimmi says you can gift Shanti and Kaushalya. Pari says yes, I will. She thinks I was dreaming to get gift from Shanti, but Nimmi ruined my dreams. Aarti asks what to make in food. Shanti tells her dishes and sends her. Kaushalya sees Aarti.


Mere Angne Mein 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kaushalya tells Shivam that she has seen kundlis, she will get him remarried. Shivam gets shocked.

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