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Mere Angne Mein 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Mere Angne Mein 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Kaushalya apologizing and telling Shanti how she felt she will breath last today. She says tomorrow is the last day for Shivam’s marriage. Shanti asks what shall I do, shall I sit as bride. Nimmi teases her. Shanti shouts on her. She asks them to manage the marriage arrangements. Pari asks Kaushalya to go and change. Kaushalya asks Pari to do makeup to her. Pari and Nimmi help Kaushalya.

Amit is angry on Rani. Shivam comes and asks Amit to look at himself in mirror and think if he wants to do this marriage. Nimmi applies mehendi to Rani. Rani asks her to write Amit’s name, as he is her ex husband. Nimmi refuses. Rani thinks to go and see what is Amit doing. She insists. Nimmi writes the name. Amit says I want to marry, I don’t doubt. Shivam says I have seen you, you are ruining three lives, tell me why are you doing this, can’t you face truth. Rani comes and hears them. Shivam says Rani always tried to hide her tears, we have seen this, you are blind. Amit asks why is she going to meet guys at night. He says maybe she is making you jealous, she is trying to show any guy can come in her life, you will ruin your life and her also, you and Rani are made for each other, break this marriage.

Amit says I don’t care whom she meets, I m sure of this. Shivam asks are you sure. Amit says yes. Shivam says why were you stopping her. Amit says good family girls don’t go out at this time. Shivam asks why did you care, you should not get angry by her doings. Amit says I think you are jealous as I m marrying and you are not. Shivam says I swear I won’t get angry by your words, but I swear till this marriage happens, I will show you this mirror, you could not make Rani out of your heart, you also know this. He goes. Amit looks at himself in mirror. Rani looks on.

Kaushalya comes to Shanti. Shanti stays annoyed. Kaushalya clarifies why she went to pandit to get Mohini for Shivam. Shanti asks her to force Shivam, nothing right will happen this way. Shanti asks her to do anything she wants, but life does not get set this way. Kaushalya goes to Shivam. He says Sinha called and asked when will I resume training. Kaushalya applies black dot to him and compliments. Shivam asks who will badly eye me here. Kaushalya tells him the mahurat of marriage. She asks him to fill sindoor in any girl’s maang, get married, we will not do any rituals, will you marry simple way. He says I don’t need to marry, I can live alone, I don’t need anyone. She challenges him to get him married in shubh mahurat. He says I will see who gets me married without my consent. She asks him to see.

Raghav and everyone reach the venue. He likes the decorations. Shanti compliments Aarti. Amit takes pictures and says I m very happy. He sits with Aarti and holds her. Aarti gets up and says he has kept hand on my shoulder. Shanti asks him not to hold Aarti, she is Sanskari, she will not run. Rani also stands with Amit and Aarti. Shanti asks Amit to stay away and not get mad for wife. Amit says I will feed water to Aarti and break her fast today. He gets the water glass.

Nimmi announces the sangeet function beginning. She calls Nandu and Preeti for their performance. Everyone clap. They dance on baby ko bass pasand hai. Aarti gets worried and asks Rani to do something, Amit said he will break my fast. I will not drink water by his hands, I don’t understand, we are doing wrong, we kidnapped someone, I feel I did big mistake to trust you. Amit comes and asks what are they talking. He asks Rani to go and meet the guys. Rani shows the guys names written in her mehendi. He gets angry and holds her hand. Shivam sees them. Amit sees his name as well. Shivam asks what’s this misbehavior, by what right are you holding her hand. Aarti sees Shivam.


Mere Angne Mein 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shivam asks Rani is she behind all this, is she doing this to make Amit jealous.