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Mere Angne Mein 16th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 16th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Mere Angne Mein 16th February 2017 video Watch Online on

The Episode starts with Sarla asking the inspector to provoke Shanti to raise hand on her, so that her image in public gets spoiled. She explains her plan. Inspector asks what’s my profit. Sarla says if I become minister, you will be in profit too. She bribes inspector. She asks her to get beaten up in front of media, go now. Inspector goes.

Preeti asks Nandu why is he not leaving for office. He asks her to make tea. She says there was just one cup milk, I made tea for myself, you have tea outside, come home early, we have to go and get ration. He goes.

The man gets the call. The other man says that video got viral, everyone is asking about Nandu. The man checks Nandu’s video and smiles. He says our career can be made because of him, we will make film or serial with him. Raghav asks how to go ahead, when there are no documents, we will inform later. Shanti asks what happened. Raghav asks how can Riya’s documents get missing, I think its big plan. Shanti says yes, I feel Riya is doing this. Raghav says then why would she come back. Inspector lady comes and starts taunting Shanti.

Nimmi argues. Raghav stops Nimmi. Inspector asys just Raghav is sensible here, jail is waiting for Shanti. Raghav asks what are you saying. She says don’t teach us manners, we know you did not get proof of Riya’s existence, you will have to break stones in jail. Riya calls Sarla. Sarla says I got to know police came there, make it a video and send me, I will use in my campaign. Riya says fine. She thinks to agree to Sarla now and feels sorry.

Shanti asks inspector to dream, we will be freed with respect, leave from here. Riya records this. Shanti says I m calm, that’s why she is showing handcuffs, leave. Inspector says you wear this handcuff yourself and come, its gift for you, this will break your courage. Shanti controls anger. Inspector leaves. Raghav says I will meet Sinha and come.

Shanti asks Kaushalya not to worry, trust Lord. Kaushalya cries. Shanti sees Riya recording and asks them to see the new miracle. Riya says no. Sarla asks what will you do. Riya says nothing. Nimmi takes phone and says Riya is doing right. Shanti asks for phone. Nimmi says if we put this video on internet, Shanti will become good in people’s sight, Shanti will get votes. Riya says they will have sympathy. Nimmi says people will get against police, its good. Shanti asks Nimmi to out video on internet. Nimmi gives phone to Riya.

The man calls Nandu and says I m assistant director, I want to make you work in film. Nandu says I don’t like it, I can’t act. The man says think well, you will get money. Nandu says no thanks and ends call. Nandu sees Nimmi campaigning and goes. Nimmi sees him and asks him to give vote to Shanti. He says sure, I have holiday today. She says come, we will ask for vote for Shanti. He says but people will run seeing me. They have a talk and smile. Preeti sees them and gets angry. Pari does Sarla’s campaign. She makes false promises. Sarla worries.

Nimmi and Shanti come there. Nimmi says Sarla’s party is making false promises. Shanti will truly solve the problems. Pari and Nimmi compete and campaign. Pari lies to people. The people go with Shanti’s party. Sarla says we have to throw our next plan now. Sarla and Pari leave.

Sarla and Pari get pamphlet. Sarla says what’s this, Shanti’s granddaughter has ruined her sister’s life. She defames Shanti’s family. Shanti looks on. Nimmi argues and says I did not do anything, will you do anything to defame me. Shanti says I agree that my granddaughter ruined a house, her own house, by ruining her happiness, she has sworn that she will never remarry, look at Nimmi, see her age, she is young and became widow. I m also widow and know that pain, its tough to spend life alone, I m her Dadi, I swear to change her life, and also Pari’s life, I swear to change every affected women’s life, we will encourage women power, you also swear to support me. Everyone join Shanti. Nimmi smiles. The people praise Shanti, and say we have seen the video, Shanti scolded the inspector as she is not wrong, she is very strong. Sarla says our plan failed, what’s happening. Nimmi hugs Shanti. Shanti says it was just politics, don’t get happy, I know how to rule in politics. Sarla looks on.

Preeti says Nandu went to campaign for Tawa party, I will see him. Nandu comes home and says sorry, I got late, I had work in office. She says who will go to get ration. He says we will go tomorrow, make tea for me. She scolds him for lying. She says you were roaming with Nimmi, if you liked her, you would have married her. He slaps her and asks don’t you have shame to say this, Nimmi is your sister, I have headache, I lost job, and you are saying nonsense.

Mere Angne Mein 17th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Riya says I came here on your saying, I can’t come again. Sarla asks what to do to fail Shanti. Riya says you can make her lose by defaming Shanti.

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