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Mere Angne Mein 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti asking Amit to think of his life and enjoy. Amit says Ashok and Rani left me alone. He cries and goes. She asks him not to cry this way. Kaushalya talks to pandit about Shivam’s alliance. She asks pandit to find 2-3 girls and get their photo. Pandit says I will tell you. Ashok checks the bills. Prabha gets Rani and complains to Ashok about Amit. Ashok says I will see Amit, I m with Rani, don’t worry. Prabha says Rani is still staying in my house, I m in tension. Ashok asks Rani to sit.

Nandu makes his mum sit. He scolds Preeti. Preeti argue with him and says I have switched off the geyser. Nandu’s mum recalls how she blasted the geyser. She asks will I kill myself. Nandu blames Preeti and asks her to accept her mistake. Nandu’s mum asks them not to fight, she does not has to stay here.

Preeti asks his mum to leave. She blames his mum for all this. Nandu raises hand and stops. He says if anything happened to mum then… apologize to her. Preeti refuses to apologize and goes. Nandu’s mum thinks Preeti fell in his eyes. She asks Nandu to forgive her. Nandu says no, she will apologize to you. Preeti apologizes to her. Nandu’s mum asks him to stay happy with his life partner. She forgives Preeti and hugs her. Preeti asks her to wait for her move.

Shanti asks Charni to see Raina first. Aarti sees the baby and smiles. She hugs the baby. Shanti thinks of lady’s words and says she said right, Charni is beautiful, even Shivam is handsome, he is alone, I trust Shivam and Charni, but I don’t trust time and situation, I have to be careful, this can never happen.

Aarti makes baby rest and goes upstairs. Shivam sees Riya’s pic in his phone and recalls Kaushalya’s words. Aarti comes there and falls. She holds his shirt. He holds her in arms. He asks is she blind. Her hair get stuck in his shirt. He removes her hair strands. She goes.

Her saree gets stuck. She gets tensed and turns to see. She sees her saree stuck in nail and frees her. Shivam asks her why is she so tensed, why does she get tensed on little things, is she such since childhood. She says yes. He asks what was Amit telling her some time before. She says nothing.

He says fine, if he troubles, then tell me, stay away from him if possible. She says yes and picks dry clothes from railing. She goes. Kaushalya sees them and stops Shivam. She asks why did Aarti come here. He says maybe she came to take baby clothes, this is my house, stop doubting me, you changed, please become like before. She thinks he is a kid, she can’t explain him.

Amit comes home. Ashok gets angry on him and checks. He gets money from him and says there is nothing in this. Ashok asks him with whom is he going out. Rani asks Amit about the girl. Amit argues with them. Amit says Bablu is not my son, I have to marry. Rani says I will kill you if you remarry. Amit pushes and scolds her. Ashok scolds him as Amit has insulted his uniform. Amit asks Rani to get lost.

Its morning, Aarti reads Gita. Shanti hears her. Pandit comes. Shanti asks him how did he come. He says I got proposals, I got photos and kundlis. Kaushalya acts and asks how did you come. Shanti says you would have called him, everyone is married in our house, take photos and go. Pandit says your granddaughter need a mum. Shanti says I will raise her, I don’t want any outsider. Kaushalya asks what will happen after us. Shanti scolds her. Pandit says this won’t work, I will take you there forcibly. They get shocked.


Mere Angne Mein 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kaushalya asks Nimmi to send photo to Shivam fast. Shanti comes and sees them. Nimmi drops the pics.

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