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Mere Angne Mein 19th February 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Raghav talking on phone about not getting documents to solve the court case. Shivam comes. He gives him an envelop and asks Raghav to check it once. Raghav asks what is it. Shivam signs Riya. Raghav checks the papers and gets surprised. He asks do you want to do this, is this decided. Shivam says yes, you kept running from this work, you can regret. Shivam says I won’t regret. Shanti asks what is it. Nimmi says Shivam filled form for railways job. Shanti says its good Shivam heard us. Raghav says I m happy with your decision. Shivam says my happiness is in family happiness, I will fulfill my family’s dreams now. Raghav says good, will not say anything Kaushalya. Shanti asks Kaushalya to say it, as Shivam gives less chances to praise him.

Kaushalya gets sweets and feeds Shivam. She says I m proud of you. Raghav says the roads in this city and Kaushalya’s english will always be same. Shanti says I speak better english. Riya smiles and gives a flying kiss to Shivam. She thinks I have seen them smiling after a long time.

Amit sits to have food. Sarla scolds him and asks him why did he not get Rani home. She asks him to go and get Rani first. Kaushalya says I will do your campaigning. Nimmi says I went with Shivam and spoke to local channel, news channel want to take your interview, be ready, you will get much publicity. Shanti gets glad and asks which tv channel. Nimmi says we will see.

They see Shanti’s pic and get glad. The man tells about Shanti bribing people to get votes. Shanti says its all an lie, Sarla did this, she fell too low. Riya looks on. Shanti says I will beat Sarla. Nimmi says no, your image will get spoiled. Kaushalya says no, you will win as you are true. Shanti says yes, I will come first, Sarla fell so low, now I will dig the pit for her. Shanti and Kaushalya see the reporters. Shanti defends herself and says I did not do anything, opposition party is doing this to spoil my name.

Amit goes to meet Rani. Prabha says Rani is not at home. Amit enters home and asks Rani to listen, come back. She says Rani is not here, I don’t know where is she, maybe she went to get report from gynac. He asks what report, what do you know. She says I have no idea. He worries and says if Rani gets that report, she will know my report was fake.

Rani waits for report. Doctor asks her to sit. Another lady comes and asks for report. Doctor says sorry to say, you can’t conceive. I will start treatment. Rani asks for her report. Doctor asks her to get sweets, your report is normal, you can plan to become mother anytime. Rani gets glad and hugs doctor. She asks why was the report wrong before. Doctor says someone gave you wrong report. Rani thinks Sarla and Amit cheated me.

Sarla pulls Amit’s hair and beats him for not getting Rani. She scolds him. Shanti and Kaushalya are on the way. Shanti says Sarla cheated me. Kaushalya says what can I do, forget it, see what Preeti did with me, I left everything on Lord. Shanti says now I m getting sense from Kaushalya. Rani says I can become mum, its good news, see the reports. Shanti says what’s the big matter. Rani tells them about Sarla and Amit’s plan to fool her. Shanti and Kaushalya get shocked knowing about Babloo and Lallan.

Shanti says its good news, you gave me big weapon. She takes her reports and asks are you with me. Rani says yes. Shanti says its time to punish Sarla for this, call Nimmi here. Sarla thinks what to do now. She calls Riya and talks to her. Kaushalya asks Nimmi to come fast, we got big proof against Sarla. Riya hears Nimmi. Nimmi says we will fail Sarla now, I m going. She goes. Riya thinks I can’t get away from the destination once again.

Nandu dances with the heroine. The ladies like Nandu’s video. The girls compliment Nandu and praise him. They take selfies with him. Shanti asks everyone to hear Rani. Rani tells everyone what Sarla did with her. Sarla comes there and starts acting. She defends herself and says I m not a doctor to know all that. She apologizes to Rani. She says everyone wants a heir, why will I wish this. Rani does not forgive her. Sarla says fine, if you don’t forgive me, I will break my head. She hits stone to her head. The lady asks Rani to forgive Sarla. Rani stops Sarla. Sarla tells Shanti that she has seen her planning since childhood. She says I m going to give sweet order now, so that I can feed my victory’s laddoo to Shanti. Rani says I have forgiven you, it does not mean you will win elections, just Shanti will win. She goes to stand with Shanti. They leave. Sarla sees Riya. Riya signs her and goes.

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