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Mere Angne Mein 19th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 19th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Rani and Aarti dancing on Nagada sang dhol baaje….Rani and Aarti collapse on the stage. Amit and Shivam run on the stage. Amit feeds water to Rani, while Shivam feeds water to Aarti. Shanti says they had Nirjala fast. Kaushalya gets shocked. Rani sees Amit. Amit asks are you fine. Kaushalya scolds Shivam for breaking Aarti’s fast, she had kept Nirjala fast for her husband, just her would be husband can break her fast, not you, she is your brother’s would be wife, Amit should feed water to her, see Amit is taking care of Rani, what’s happening. Aarti apologizes to Lord.

Amit scolds Shivam for feeding water to Aarti. He says you did the same last time. Shivam says you should have fed her water, why did you go to Rani, if I did not feed her water, Nandu, Raghav or Kaushalya would have fed her water, why did you go to Rani, answer me, I feel you still believe Rani is your wife, we can stop marriage, tell me. Amit scolds him and says I fed water to Rani for humanity. Raghav scolds them for arguing. Amit apologizes to Aarti and asks her to have water. Aarti refuses. Amit argues. Kaushalya scolds Amit.

Raghav asks Kaushalya what is she saying. Shanti asks Amit to think again, does he want to marry Charni or not, tell fast, do you want to marry Rani, it will be problem. Shivam says yes, we will stop marriage. Amit says its nothing like that, I love Charni a lot, I will keep her happy. Raghav scolds him. Shanti says I m thinking shall I get him married to Charni or not. Amit says I got a ring for Charni. Rani says one told me about engagement. Amit asks why shall I say, did you tell me anything.

Aarti shows her finger hurt. She recalls seeing Amit with the ring. Aarti says my finger got cut while cutting vegetables. Shanti asks why did you work, Nimmi could do the work. She asks Amit to make her wear ring later. Golu sees Nimmi and smiles. Rani asks Golu why did he not come to feed her water, if you have doubt, I will cancel marriage. Golu imagines feeding water to Nimmi. Rani shouts Golu ji. Golu calls her Bhabhi ji. Raghav asks why does he call you Bhabhi ji. Rani says he said baby. Nandu asks Golu what is he doing. Golu comes to Rani. Rani acts to faint and hugs him. Golu asks her what is she doing. Shanti asks Rani did her shame go on holiday.

Shivam says they are marrying, let them do, Amit is doing the same. Shanti says everyone has to do what I say. Kaushalya asks Shivam to do second marriage as Rani is doing. Rani says we will come to take your blessings. Shanti scolds Golu. Nimmi asks Shanti to break Golu’s head. Amit says no, he is my senior. Shanti says he is not senior here. Nimmi says he is with your wife, did he not get anyone else. Shivam and Nandu say they are saying wrong. Raghav says what’s happening, is this marriage, its fish market than sangeet, we will go home. Golu says I will leave Rani and goes. Rani says I want to see Amit’s marriage. Shivam says Rani will come home with us, Amir is marrying, Rani also wants to marry, you do justice, right Papa. Raghav says he is right. Shivam asks where will Rani go. Raghav says Shanti always does right.

Rani convinces them. She goes with Shivam. Aarti thinks to tell Shanti. Kaushalya asks Rani to give marriage bureau number for Shivam. Rani says fine, call in morning. Nimmi makes the dress. Kaushalya asks Nimmi to have lahenga for Shivam’s would be wife. Nimmi asks her not to talk strange. Kaushalya says just do as I say.

Shivam apologizes to Shanti. Shanti says you can do anything. He says sorry, I got emotional about Rani. Shanti says fine, atleast you apologize. She tells Amit that she got an idol for him and Charni. Preeti says you did not give me anything. Shanti says you have run with Mohit and did not call me, when would I give idol, Mohit has left you there, we made Nandu sit in mandap hurriedly and got you married, when would I give you idol, Charni is marrying as I m saying. Amit says yes, see what drama Rani is doing. Shanti asks him is he still thinking about Rani. Pari says you got saved, Rani is out of your life. Amit says mehendi color did not come on my hand. Pari asks Shivam to show his hand. They get shocked seeing dark color on Shivam’s hand.


Mere Angne Mein 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Amit goes to see Aarti’s mehendi. Shanti asks Aarti to show her hand. Aarti gets worried and thinks Amit’s name is not written in my hand, if Shanti sees the mehendi, it would be tough for me to answer.

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