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Mere Angne Mein 1st August 2017 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 1st August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Shivam asking Nimmi to change baby’s clothes. Aarti prays for Shivam to accept baby. Shivam sees Aarti. He says you think you are very smart, don’t do this again. He goes. Preeti gets lawyer’s call. Chandra hears her and smiles. Preeti goes to meet lawyer. Amit says Rani has gone from my life, but I have made my GF, wine. Golu says I will take my love story ahead, you are saying nonsense in sleep, I have to go for work, I will lock the house, stay here.

Pari says the flower got dry in two days. Shanti taunts her heart is black. Chandra comes and says Preeti will give them big some news. They see Preeti with lawyer. Pari says why is Preeti meeting lawyer here. Lawyer says all papers are ready. Preeti asks him to go. Shanti comes and scolds Preeti. She counts her mistakes. She says I m trying to make you and Nandu patch up, you are doing all this. She slaps Preeti and says you want to divorce Nandu. She reminds what Mohit did, what would have happened if Nandu did not marry her, everyone would have taunted you as Adhuri dulhan. Preeti cries. Shanti asks her not to come home if she has to do this. She scolds her for ruining Nandu’s life.

Golu comes home and asks Amit does he want wine again. Amit says I have much pain, like my life ended, I don’t want to live now. Golu says you won’t get Rani if you die. Amit goes to drink.

Preeti thinks of Nandu and cries. She asks Shanti to open the door and forgive her. Shanti asks her to leave. Preeti apologizes. Pari opens the door. Preeti says I was wrong, I did wrong with everyone. She asks Shanti to forgive her. Pari says I don’t think Nandu will take Preeti back. Shanti says I will take Preeti to him and do her real vidaai.

Amit drinks wine. Golu talks to him. Amit says I love Rani a lot, I have realized this. Golu says don’t you think it happened late. Amit says I realized it before also. He tells his story. He says my mum had to go foreign, but there was a problem, party was not supporting her, when Rani got you and said she will marry you, I did not take her serious, you get sad when you lose a toy, today I understood I love Rani a lot. Golu asks him to say his story further. Amit says I was bit sad, Rani has said she is going to marriage bureau. FB shows Rani asking Amit to sign on papers, she is going to get love. Golu laughs hearing his story and says I m laughing in Rani, she did this drama before.

Amit says she is innocent, she does not know planning, then my mummy made me angry on her. Amit recalls Sarla speaking against Rani. She asks him to do something and stop Rani from meeting other guy. Amit says you were against Rani, what happened now, you are asking me to get Rani, explain me why. Sarla thinks she can’t tell him party truth. She lies to him that she wants a grandchild. Amit says get me remarried, I will make you Dadi, Rani was threatening me of police. FB ends. Golu asks Amit to complete story. Amit says I will go washroom and come. Golu says he is mad. Nandu apologizes to producer. She asks him to forget it. He thanks her. Shanti and Pari come to meet him. Shanti asks Pari to start. Pari reads Nandu’s dowry statement. Preeti looks on and cries.


Mere Angne Mein 2nd August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Preeti apologizes to Nandu. He says your place is just in my heart and hugs her. Shanti happily cries.