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Mere Angne Mein 1st February 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Riya telling Shanti that she does not get documents, its all missing. Shanti worries that they will go jail. She asks Riya not to lie or play games. Riya says I m saying truth, I did not do this. Nimmi asks Riya to check in email account. Riya checks and says account is shown invalid. Nimmi rushes to check pics in her phone and says pics are missing from my phone. Shanti asks them to go and find marriage certificate or pics. Kaushalya says I have photo album in my cupboard. They all rush. Kaushalya and Nimmi find Riya’s pics gone.

Prabha acts cheap and argues with Rani, asking her to give jewelry back. Rani says you gave me just silver ring, you are saying you gave me gold. Prabha asks her to get her ring. Rani says maybe Sarla gave that to Pari, I don’t look jewelry, when I don’t have husband, what will I do of jewelry, I will not go there till Amit comes. Prabha scolds her.

Kaushalya says there is nothing, all photos of Riya are gone. Nimmi says I did not get anything. Riya says even there is nothing in Shanti’s room. Nimmi asks Kaushalya to call Raghav. Shanti says what will he do. Kaushalya says his phone will have pics. Kaushalya calls Raghav and asks for Shivam and Riya’s marriage pics. Raghav says no, my phone is old model. Shanti says I have got Riya’s name in ration card. She goes to check.

Preeti has all the documents, Id proofs and photos. She gets a call and says don’t worry, where were you, I was waiting for your call, I will hide this well. Sarla comes to meet Preeti and smiles.

Nimmi asks Shanti did she get it. Kaushalya cries. Shanti says if Riya did this, I will not leave you. Riya says stop doubting on me, someone else wants you all to get punished, don’t know who, think the person is so clever and did planning to make all that disappear, someone who thinks this family is their enemy. Kaushalya says who is our enemy now. Nimmi says Preeti.

Sarla says why did you disconnect my call. Preeti says I was scared. Sarla says I came to surprise you. They laugh. Preeti shows her Riya’s documents.

Shanti asks Nimmi not to say this. Nimmi says Preeti said she has seen a thief entering our house and she also entered house, maybe thief has stolen this. Shanti says we will go police station. Riya says no, we will find proof, there are no documents at home, but school, college and marriage registrar will have my documents. She goes. Shanti says I will go and ask Preeti about the thief. She leaves.

Pari asks Prabha to get out, as she is Rani’s relative. Prabha says I m your relative, I need to talk. Pari says I don’t want to talk. Prabha says its for your benefit, I go to club these days, the ladies do makeup, they are rich, if you do their makeup, you can earn. Pari asks why did not say before, will you have tea or coffee. Prabha talks about manicure and pedicure. Pari shows her hands. Prabha sees the ring and asks her to give the ring back. Pari runs. Prabha takes the ring. Amit asks what’s happening. Prabha screams and says Amit you are my son in law, call Rani home, else I will beat you both. Amit says fine, get lost. Pari says my ring is gone. Prabha goes. Pari says ring was duplicate, let her take, I was acting to fool her, I m clever.

Preeti says they did not get punished till now. Sarla says yes, don’t worry, they all will go jail in 15 days, they don’t have papers, I will keep the papers. Preeti asks why, I will keep it well, I did all hardwork. Sarla says I did not do hardwork, I was in jail, Amit got beaten up. Preeti shows pillow and says all things will come in this, don’t worry. Sarla says fine, we will stitch this. They hide the papers. Shanti is on the way. Sarla asks Preeti will you manage, I m expert in all this. Preeti says yes, but I also became a player now. They get shocked seeing Shanti at door. Preeti asks how did you come here today.

Shanti asks why are you stammering again, what happened, did I catch your theft. Preeti asks am I thief. Shanti says you came to Shanti Sadan on seeing thief right. Preeti asks thief. Sarla hides the pillow. Preeti says I don’t remember. Shanti says you broke our house lock, and does not remember. Sarla does not let Shanti see the photo fallen on ground. Shanti asks are you drink. Sarla says no, I was thinking you are so clever. Shanti asks Preeti are you making pillows at home. Preeti says I m clerk’s wife and saving money. Shanti says now you understood work, my house pillows look new, you did not stitch well, what’s in this, did you fill stones. Sarla says leave it, Preeti is poor. Shanti asks why did you take it as if I m running away with this.

Sarla gives money to Preeti and asks her to get new pillows. Shanti says I will give money to Preeti. She gives 300rs to Preeti and asks her to buy pillows, this one is heavy. Sarla asks Shanti what happened, you said about thief, did Riya’s documents get stolen. Shanti asks how do you know. Sarla says no, I don’t know, I m just asking. Shanti says yes, Riya’s photos and documents are gone. She curses the thief. Sarla says let it be. Shanti says we are getting punished because of that thief, do you have any photo or sign. Sarla says no. Shanti says find at home and send me if you get anything. Shanti asks Sarla why did she come here. Sarla looks at Preeti.

Riya says Papa was not at home, I m scared for him. Shanti says we want proof you are alive, we all will die. Preeti hears this. Riya says I will go school and college. Preeti thinks you won’t get anything.

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