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Mere Angne Mein 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Mere Angne Mein 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Rani taking sweets. She says you know I like gulab jamun. Amit says don’t say nonsense. Constable calls him to come fast. Amit says I will come back in some time. Pandit comes. Shanti asks him to give mahurat. Amit asks Shanti to tell him mahurat, he has to prepare for marriage. He smiles seeing Aarti. He goes. Pandit gives mahurat for Amit and Aarti’s marriage. Pari thinks Amit’s marriage will happen soon now. Shanti says we will not keep marriage next month. She asks Aarti to get Amit’s kundli. She asks Aarti where is she lost. Aarti goes to get kundli and asks Kaushalya for Amit’s kundli. Kaushalya says Shanti does not care for Shivam’s marriage, I will give his photo to pandit myself. Kaushalya gives her Shivam’s photo and kundli.

She asks what did you like in Amit, that you said yes for marriage. Aarti says its nothing like that. Kaushalya says I m not taunting, I m asking to know what type of guys girls like these days, so that I present Shivam that day, so that girl agrees soon, I can get both brothers marry in same mandap. Aarti says I did not think anything. Kaushalya asks did you say yes without thinking, you liked Amit’s simplicity, go and get Shivam’s pictures in which he looks simple. Aarti gets shocked.

Golu asks Amit to get the things in his quarter. Amit says old inspector did not vacate the quarter, you can take any house on rent. Golu says I don’t do illegal things, do something else. Amit says I will get you a quarter near my grandma’s house. He asks will you have golgappas. Golu calls him clever, he does not do duty. Amit insists. Golu goes with him.

Aarti says Pari and Nimmi can take the pics. Kaushalya says no, they are sisters and will like all pics, you can say in which pic he looks simple. She shows pic and asks is he looking simple in this pic. Aarti signs no. Kaushalya asks her to get some pics. Aarti asks how can I do. Kaushalya insists. She goes.

Amit and Golu have golgappas. Amit says you will get house soon. Golu says I m senior, I will pay, you don’t show money. Golu says someone has picked my pocket, what is your city. Amit says I will find the thief, shall I pay. Golu makes Amit pay. They leave.

Kaushalya gets Amit’s kundli. Shanti asks where is Charni. Kaushalya signs about Shivam’s pic. Rani jokes on Amit’s kundli. Pandit gives mahurat after 3 days and asks her to do haldi, sangeet and then marriage. Rani says marriage arrangements have to be done. Pari scolds Rani. Shanti says we will keep marriage after 3 days. Kaushalya thinks where is Charni. Shanti asks her to get sweets for pandit. She says Kaushalya is jealous. Shivam comes home. He goes to his room. Kaushalya says we will show Shivam’s pic, we will get a nice girl for Shivam, wait for some days for Amit’s marriage. Shanti says Shivam is not ready to marry, till you find the girl, Amit will get old.

Aarti sees Shivam’s pics and thinks Shivam may come, I can do a good work for Kaushalya, so that she can feel I care for her emotions. Shivam comes to his room. She gets shocked. He asks what are you doing in my room. She thinks he will get angry if I tell about photo. He asks what is she hiding, what did mum ask you to get. She asks how do you know. He says I m not a kid, I have seen pandit sitting, she would have asked you to get pics. She says no, I came to get baby things. He asks in my room? Atleast lie clean. Pandit says I will go. Kaushalya says no, Charni is getting Shivam’s pics. She shouts Charni.

Aarti says let me go. He says I asked something, show me what’s in your hand. She says its nothing. Pandit says I m getting late. Kaushalya calls out Charni. Shivam asks her to show the pics. He holds her hand. She says you are misbehaving. He says what are you doing here. Shanti asks Nimmi to go and see Charni. Pandit asks Kaushalya to send pics later. Kaushalya asks him to wait and takes the bag from him. Shanti asks her to give bag back. Shivam sees the pics and gets angry. Aarti bites his hands and runs. He asks is she mad. Aarti collides with Nimmi and goes to Kaushalya. She apologizes to Shanti. Shivam sees her from upstairs. Pandit takes pics and goes. Shivam comes downstairs. Shanti says Amit’s marriage is in 3 days, you have to do everything, its your responsibility, your mum will tie sehra to your head. Shanti sees Aarti and Shivam staring at each other. Shivam goes. Shanti says I can beat and scold Shivam, if anyone else stares at him, I will snatch their eyes.

Mere Angne Mein 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : 

Rani says I m working well. Shanti asks her to do some work. Rani says I will not let you get haldi. Aarti asks what will you do.