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Mere Angne Mein 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Shivam apologizing to Raghav. Raghav hugs him. Shivam goes. Kaushalya asks Raghav what did you do. Raghav says I m seeing Shivam like this, what shall I do, I saw him at wine shop, if Shivam leaves wine, I will be thankful to you Aarti. Aarti asks why are you saying this, you gave me roof on my head. Nimmi takes Raghav. Pari says Aarti did not say she met Raghav on the way. Kaushala asks Pari to get lemon water for Raghav.

Kaushalya asks Nandu about the old house for shooting. Nandu says I m worried, we have to do shooting alone. She asks how much money will they give. He says 20000rs. She gets glad and asks just for one day, will they give money. He says yes, why are you asking. She asks can you do shooting in Shanti Sadan. He asks do you need money, I will send it.

She says no, I m worried for you, I m helping you. He says you solved my problem, thanks. She says tell me what you want, food and all for your crew. Nandu says we will see that, just sit and see shooting, finish the work and then we will start shooting. She cries and says proud of you. He thanks her and says I will call them.

The shop vendor asks Rani to pay money, as she got divorced now, she is poor now, she is not from Agarwal family now. He asks her to go back to them to get rid of poor life, Amit got police job now, I can open your account by my name. Rani scolds the man for saying nonsense. Ashok comes and looks on. She throws the things at him. Ashok says great, and claps. He scolds the man and pays money.

He says Rani has taught a lesson to this man. Rani says he made me realize I have to do something for my identity. Kaushalya tells Pari about shooting. Nimmi taunts Pari. Pari says I will get ready. Kaushalya asks her to see baby. Shivam comes home from jogging. Kaushalya checks him. He smiles and says I did not drink wine. Raghav looks on. Shivam says trust me, I m trying. She says I m always with you, proud of you. Shivam hugs her. She smiles.

Raghav asks Shivam to come for breakfast, drop me to office on your bike. Shivam says I will take bath and come. Raghav says Kaushalya you are crying when problems are getting away, I m glad seeing you taking care of Pari, Shanti will be happy seeing you like this. She asks are you happy or still annoyed. He hugs her and says I feel light hearted today. She says baby is seeing us. He asks is there any age for romance.

Aarti cleans Shivam’s room. She gets Riya’s pics and smiles. She says I will show this photo to baby, so that she always remembers her mum. Shivam comes and asks what are you doing. She gets up and slips. He holds her. Pari passes by and sees them. She takes their photos and smiles. She says romantic angle in story. Shivam says sorry. Aarti says sorry, I was cleaning your room. He says its fine, I will manage, you go. She asks shall I go. He says yes, take all this. She picks bucket and goes.

He picks Riya’s pics. He sits and sees the pics. Raghav says I m waiting for Shivam. Kaushalya asks him to come and have breakfast. He asks what’s the hurry. She says nothing, you will reach office on time. He asks her to say what is it. She says shooting of bhojpuri movie is happening in our house. He asks who is hero. She says Nandu. He asks who is making film with him. She says Nandu has become big hero. He jokes. She laughs.

He says I will have breakfast with Shivam. She asks Shivam to come fast. He asks whose permission did you take to do all this. She says nothing, Nandu wanted old house for shooting, he did not find any such house, so I thought he can do this here. Nimmi takes baby. Raghav says Shanti is not there. Kaushalya says Charni gave suggestion to help Nandu, so I agreed. He asks why did you agree for shooting. Pari runs to tell Kaushalya something. Nandu comes. Reporters come for his interview. Nandu says I will give interview later. He asks makeup artist to come. Pari says I will do your makeup. Raghav comes. Nandu greets him. Raghav looks at him and says you look a star, go and do shooting. He asks Kaushalya to laugh less. Kaushalya says I made breakfast for you and other people. Nandu says no, I m on diet, I eat fat free food. Shivam comes and smiles. Nandu shows his diet food. Kaushalya asks what’s this food, health comes by eating food, look at Shivam, he is handsome and tall, make him hero. Shivam says stop this, give me food. He hugs Nandu. Pari asks Nandu to come and sit to get makeup done. Raghav and Shivam dine.

Raghav asks Kaushalya to manage house. Shivam says mum called shooting people as Shanti is not here. Raghav asks her to be alert. She says you both got together against me. She goes. Raghav says we will go office soon. Shivam says I always think to have breakfast with you, I will go on work with you, I got chance today, I m feeling good. Raghav looks at him.


Mere Angne Mein 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Mannu says I got good news, where is Raghav, Shivam’s boss Sinha has a daughter. She tells something. They all look on.

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