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Mere Angne Mein 20th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 20th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Mere Angne Mein 20th February 2017 video watch online on

The Episode starts with Riya answering Sarla’s phone. Shivam shuts the door and hears Sarla on speaker. Riya asks Sarla what’s the matter. Sarla says you told me you will help me in winning election. Riya says yes. Sarla says why are you not helping me. Riya says I m giving you ideas to win. Sarla says I can see I m going to lose elections. Riya asks her to relax. Sarla says if I don’t win, you won’t get your documents. Riya says you will win, I will help you, I will think and call back. Sarla says you have to help me. Shivam says how can Sarla threaten, I will talk to her. Riya says calm down, I will solve problem. He says I m not able to do anything for you and family. She says you are with me, I don’t want anything.

She says I don’t wan to make Shanti lose, but I have no way to end Sarla’s jealousy, its about our family, I have to help Sarla, I have to get my identity proofs. Sarla says don’t know does anyone care for Riya or not, so I kept her Tervi. They all mour for Riya’s death. Sarla lies that Shanti is cheating, that girl is Riya’s twin sister Priya. The ladies decide to give vote to Sarla. Preeti, Amit and Pari come there and see Sarla. Sarla tells her plan to get votes. She asks them to support.

Amit gets drunk and does not know what to say. Rani sees Amit. She comes to him. He asks are you really Rani or am I seeing you. She says you came to our right place, did you not get ashamed to lie. He asks what lie. She scolds him for lying to her. She asks can’t he become father after having one child. He argues.

She shouts on him. She says I m mad after you, you have used my love, but now I have identified the fallen man in you, I got senses now and decided something, you will know it soon.

Kaushalya does puja. Raghav says its imp to get documents. Kaushalya says I have belief that we will get the documents and Shanti will win elections. He says I also feel so, I m not saying about elections. She says Shanti will win. He says I m saying we will get free from court case. She says Sarla and Shanti are standing against. He says I will be happy if either of them wins.

Sarla gets tired. The party worker says we found out Shanti will get more votes. Sarla worries. She prays to Lord. Shanti prays and asks will everyone go well. Kaushalya says yes, I told Lord to make you win. Shivam comes and looks on. Kashalya counts who will give them votes. He says Ashok will give vote to Shanti. Shanti says I insulted him all life, he is supporting me. Shivam says he said how can he move back from supporting mother, and Shanti is true contender. Shanti smiles.

Pari says Amit is getting his friends, they will give votes to Sarla twice, I will become manager. Preeti argues with Pari. Shivam says come, we are getting late, I got to know you are ahead in votes. Nimmi says I have seen Riya going out. Raghav comes home. Kaushalya asks whom did you give vote. He says I will say when results come. They all go.

Sarla asks Preeti and Pari not to fight, you all become manager, let result come. She stays tensed and calls Riya. She says Shanti is getting votes, go and do something. Riya asks her to come downstairs and talk. Sarla comes there and asks what happened, I can’t lose. Riya says I know, I did not come to talk about elections, you said about my documents. Sarla says don’t talk all this, you will get proof some day. Riya says fine, then you know voting results, if I don’t get my documents, I will tell everyone what you did with your family. Sarla gets shocked and asks are you threatening me. Riya says you have just 2 hours, I will give money to your party and ask them to make Shanti win, if you feel your children will make you win, forget it, they are useless.
Sarla says you are making it big issue, don’t feel bad, I found out about that man, you will get documents soon, you are my party secretary, I told this to my children. Riya asks did you tell them. Sarla says no. Riya says its fine, I will wait for you, call me when you get documents, you have just 2 hours. Sarla says its enough for me. Shanti is at polling booth. Shivam calls Riya and asks about the man. Riya says I was asking Sarla, I m scared, will we get proof. He says we have much time, be positive.


Mere Angne Mein 21st February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Sarla asks Preeti to give her proof. Preeti burns the documents. Amit looks on. Sarla gets shocked.

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