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Mere Angne Mein 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Amit asking Shivam how did he get haldi and mehendi, is it his marriage. Shivam says I was stumbling at the door and got mehendi on my hand, did I do any crime. Amit says I want to apply mehendi again. Shanti says its wrong to apply now, don’t tell Charni, she will feel bad. Aarti worries and thinks if Rani fails to do anything, then I have to leave from mandap, this family will lose name then, I can’t do this, I can’t see them getting insulted, what to do, shall I run away, its better I die, all problems will end.

Amit goes to see Aarti’s hand. Aarti says you can’t hold my hand. Shanti asks why are you scaring her, I will see her mehendi. Aarti thinks I did not get Amit’s name written, it will be tough to answer Shanti if she sees. Shanti sees the good mehendi color and sends Amit. She asks Aarti to change Amit’s life into better one, you can keep him well, he is good hearted, he started job also, you make everyone happy there, I got a idol for you, I saw Parvati in you, have it, its from Maayka’s side, it will change your life. Shanti goes. Aarti cries and feels guilty to cheat Shanti. She thinks to die.

Golu goes to meet Rani. He says if Amit does not realize his love, my love story will end. Rani holds his hand and asks him to please do drama. Nimmi sees them on terrace and taunts Rani for being shameless and defaming them this way. She says this man is a cheap person and raises hand. Golu holds her hand and says what do you know about me, you always misunderstand me, I was after those fraud people. I can arrest you and Shanti for coming between my work. She asks how dare you hold my hand.

Golu smiles seeing her. He says I got slapped by you once, not this time. He flirts. Rani thinks what dill I do if Golu does not control his emotions. She asks Nimmi to pity on her. Aarti goes out of the house. Rani sees her leaving. She thinks to deal with Nimmi first. She hugs Golu. Nimmi’s dupatta falls over Golu’s face. He smiles. They have an eyelock. Rani sends Nimmi. Nimmi leaves from there. Rani asks Golu to go fast and see Charni. Golu stops Aarti and tells her that he is doing all this for Rani. Aarti says apologize to her from my side, tell her I m very ashamed that I could not keep my promise, apologize to Amit too, Rani truly loves Amit, but this way is wrong, I can’t do this.

Amit gets mehendi applied again. Kaushalya sees Raina crying and checks her. She says Raina has fever. Shanti manages her. She asks Amit to go and get doctor. Rani thinks to stop Amit, else he will see Golu and Aarti. She asks him how did he like Golu. Amit says he will not marry you. Rani scolds him. He says you are doing big mistake. She asks why, are you jealous. He says no, do anything you want. She asks why is he angry then, I will marry Golu and become inspector’s wife, I will make you lift my slippers, I will take you along on honeymoon, to make you lift my bags. Amit calls for doctor and leaves.

Aarti tells Golu how Shanti and family supported her when she did not had a roof over her head. She says let me go, you won’t tell me to do this. He says you can’t go, it will be bad. She says everyone loves and trusts me, shall I break their trust, I can’t do this, I feel bad for Rani, but I can’t cheat them. He says I beg you, don’t go, Rani and I are acting, if you don’t support this, this acting will turn true.

Aarti asks if Amit does not realize his love then what, I have to leave mandap and stop marriage, I can’t do this, its better I leave. He says no, I promise I won’t let your and Amit’s marriage happen, I promised Rani to unite her with Amit, tell me will you support me. Aarti says its too late now, I won’t stay back. Amit comes there and sees them.

He sends the doctor inside the house. He asks what’s happening. He scolds Golu for having an affair with Rani, you think you will marry her, I won’t let this happen, if you roam around with her and then leave her, I will kill you. Rani comes and stops Amit, saying its my personal life. She asks Amit is he feeling bad, why, they have no relation. Amit says I don’t know, but I will not let bad happen with you. Rani says you cheated me and gave me divorce. Amit says he is not a right man, he is wrong, you will regret. Golu holds his collar and says I have no such intention, I would have killed someone in your place. Rani stops Golu.


Mere Angne Mein 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Doctor checks Raina and says she fainted, her state is very bad. Aarti and everyone get shocked. Doctor says Raina’s life can have risk. They all worry.

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