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Mere Angne Mein 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Amit and Golu arguing. Amit asks Aarti what is she doing here, baby is unwell, she has high fever. Aarti gets shocked and runs to see baby. Golu asks Amit why is he staring at him. He says your mind has much dirt, come to police station tomorrow, then I will see you. Amit apologizes and thanks him. He asks Golu to come home on Raksha bandhan and get rakhi tied. Golu asks are you doubting on me. Amit says no, you were saying you were protecting her. Golu says fine, I will leave now. He hugs Rani. Rani asks him to take care and goes. Amit says its happening because of you. He takes Rani home.

Doctor says I have injection, hope she gets fine in some hours, else it will serious thing. Aarti comes and gets too worried for baby. She makes things fall to make baby cry. Shivam gets worried. Aarti hugs the baby. Amit thinks why does this happen with me. Its morning, Aarti says baby still has much fever. Nandu gets the doctor home. Doctor checks the baby. Shanti says doctor came yesterday also, he gave injection but she did not get fine. Doctor says baby fainted, her state is very bad, you can’t take her to hospital, she has high fever. Shanti and everyone worry. Doctor says I gave her injection, her fever will go in one hour. Nandu goes to drop doctor.

Aarti says none will go with me, I m taking baby to temple, how can Lord do this, I will fight with Lord. She goes. Shanti asks everyone not to come, its marriage house, I will go. Shivam says I will take you. Amit says what’s happening with my life, I will also pray, baby will get fine and my marriage will have no problem. Nimmi scolds him. Amit says I worry for baby, my wife is also praying there. Pari asks Amit not to talk to Nimmi, she won’t understand his emotions. Rani thinks what to do, baby got unwell, is this signing to some way, what will happen today. Golu is also worried and recalls Rani. He thinks in which problem did I fall, Lord change Amit’s mind, else how will I unite with Nimmi. Everyone pray at home for the baby.

Aarti comes to temple and cries. She prays for baby. She asks Lord what does he want, why does this happen with her always, when I loved this girl as a mum, she has become my only support in life, you made her lifeless, why, enough now, I won’t let you separate baby from me, I will sacrifice my hair in your feet, you have to make baby fine. Golu whistles and calls Rani out. Nimmi looks on. Golu calls Amit. Preeti asks Amit to answer, maybe its call from hospital. Amit answers Golu’s call and says I m doing Paath, I will call later. Golu says fine, just help me in knowing Rani’s likes and dislikes, I have to buy her bridal dress. Amit says Rani looks very pretty in dark pink color, you do anything, I m ending call. Rani goes on terrace and signs Golu. He calls her and says I don’t know what to do, I did not make wedding card. Rani tells about the baby, Charni took her to temple. Golu asks why, you should take her to hospital. Rani says her state was very bad, doctor has checked her. Golu prays for baby.

Aarti goes for her tapasya and walks on the hot burning coal. Shanti, Shivam and Kaushalya come there and get shocked seeing Aarti walking on hot coal for baby’s sake. Raghav reaches the temple. He also gets shocked seeing Aarti. Shivam asks Aarti did she go mad, no need to do all this, come down, no need to pray to Lord, he has snatched my Riya, what does he want to do now, we will get baby treated, come down. Kaushalya and Shanti cry. Raghav asks Aarti to come down. Kaushalya and Shanti pray to Lord. Aarti cries in pain.


Mere Angne Mein 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Baby gets fine. Everyone gets glad. Shanti says Charni Lord heard you. Aarti says I will fulfill my mannat, I will cut my hair. Shanti says its your marriage today, you can’t do this.

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