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Mere Angne Mein 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Mere Angne Mein 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Shivam asking Aarti to get down. Aarti walks on hot coal. Everyone prays for baby. Raina gets conscious. Shanti asks Charni to see the baby got fine. Charni says I will fulfill my mannat now and cut my hair, the baby got fine. Shanti gets shocked and says its your marriage today, you can’t cut your hair. Aarti says no, Maa heard my prayers. Raghav says your devotion has strength, you don’t need to do this. Pandit says Maa is happy by your devotion, you have walked on hot coal, you dont need to cut hair. Shanti says we will take baby to doctor. Raghav says I will call doctor, see Charni’s feet. Shanti asks pandit for chandan lep.

Shanti says whatever you did, you are not her mum, even so much love, you both have a unique relation, you saved our life. Aarti says no, if anything happened to baby, I would have died as well, I can’t let anything happen to her. Shivam looks at her. Kaushalya says you did miracle, you won my heart, I can’t pay for your favor. Shanti applies lep to Aarti’s feet and blesses her. Aarti says no, your blessins are always with me, I will apply this myself.

Shanti takes the gajra for Charni, as she is getting married today. Aarti says Dadi ji… Shanti says don’t say anything, when you wear bridal dress, I will fix this gajra, see the baby is smiling. Raghav comes back. Shanti thanks Lord and says sometimes Lord has to agree to devotee, Lord does everything for good, don’t get angry. Raghav takes Aarti and asks Shivam to get rickshaw fast.

Amit asks Pari to call Kaushalya. Pari calls Kaushalya. Kaushalya says tell everyone that baby got fine, fever got away, she is out of danger. Pari shouts baby got fine. Kaushalya says yes, we are coming home. Shanti says Aarti burnt her feet, you did not say. Kaushalya says sorry, I will tell this to everyone at home. They all leave. Amit says I will dance now and plays dhol. They all dance. Rani collides with Amit and looks at him. Golu prays for baby. Constable gets sherwani for him. Golu checks it.

Amit thanks Lord for making baby fine, now marriage will happen well. Rani and Pari argue. Pari asks about her boyfriend. Rani asks her to keep patience, Amit did not marry yet, I will marry once he marries, everything will happen on time, I will invite you. Pari says I won’t come. Rani says Golu and I have heart connection, he will come if I call him. She goes and calls Golu. He asks what’s the matter. She says baby got fine. He says I was praying for her, thank Lord.

Pari says dad did drama in haldi, I m afraid he can do drama at this time in marriage too. Amit asks constable to stop Ashok from coming in his marriage. Nimmi thinks Rani went to meet Golu, how can she give place to someone in heart. Nandu thinks Nimmi wants to see what’s going on between Rani and Golu, it means Amit would be dying. Golu asks Rani to talk slowly. Rani asks him to make cards, she will pay for it. He says I regarded you sister, if I do this, my mum will not forgive me. She cries and hugs him. He asks did I say anything wrong. She says no, I got emotional. Nimmi looks on. Rani says I m an orphan, just Ashok loves me.

Rani thanks Golu for being her brother. He asks her not to cry, he will always love and respect her the same way. Nandu takes Amit and says I regard you my Guru, how did you move on with Rani, I fight with Preeti but don’t leave her. Amit says Preeti is my sister, if you talk about leaving her, I will not leave you. Nandu says Rani and Golu look a great pair. Amit says jodi is of me and Charni, their jodi is not good. Nandu says Rani went to meet Golu, you go and see their jodi. He makes Amit jealous. Preeti taunts Nandu. Nandu calls her funny.

Nandu calls Rani and says I m getting Amit upstairs, hug Golu to show him. Rani hugs Golu and asks him to continue the drama. Golu says I m scared. Rani says I will fall lonely if you go, where is Amit. He says if Amit does not come then. Nandu sees Nimmi. Golu says she is seeing me, my love will get away. She asks who. He says I mean she would see me some how. Rani asks him not to go. Pari asks Amit did he feel bad of Nandu’s words, don’t worry. Amit says I will prove Nandu and show Rani her status. He goes. Nandu pats Nimmi. Amit comes there and asks what are you doing here. Nimmi says I m going. Rani apologizes to Golu and kisses on his forehead. Amit gets shocked


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