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Mere Angne Mein 22nd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 22nd March 2017 Written Episode Update and Mere Angne Mein 22nd March 2017 video watch online on HD on

In Today’s Episode of Mere Angne Mein you will watch Nimmi says I have seen Papa with some lady, I have seen his truth, he has affair with a lady. She shows them pictures. Shanti and Kaushalya get shocked. Stay tune for more Written Episode Updates

The Episode starts with Shanti asking Nimmi what did she find. Nimmi stares at Aarti. Aarti goes. Shanti asks Nimmi to say. Nimmi says I did not know about Aarti, I got to know about Raghav, he is not like he is seen. Shanti says yes, he is not seen when he is on duty. Nimmi says no, he is not innocent, I m saying truth, I have seen him, he has an affair with some lady. Shanti scolds her. Nimmi says no, I have proof. She shows the photo. Kaushalya and Shanti get shocked.

Kaushalya cries and says I told you Raghav is cheating on me, see my life is ruined. Shanti says calm down, we will find the matter completely. Kaushalya says kick out Charni from here, else I will leave. Shanti says matter can be something else. Kaushalya says I will die and runs. Nimmi asks her to stop. Shanti says stop this drama, else I will kill you. Nimmi stops Shanti. Kaushalya cries and says he is eating samosa with someone, he did not have tea with me till now.

Shanti says he has granddaughter, he is not shameless to do this in this age, think well. Kaushalya says you have mum’s heart, age does not matter, even old men have affairs in neighborhood, even Raghav can do this. She asks Nimmi to keep an eye on Raghav. Preeti comes home. She asks what happened, why are you crying. Shanti sends Kaushalya.

Shanti sees the picture and asks Nimmi why is this blurred, you did not get right proof. Nimmi says your eyes got bad, you may have got eyepower. Shanti says I m not old, I will go on walk in morning. She asks for photo. Nimmi asks her to wait.

Sarla drinks juice and dances. Pari asks why are you doing monkey dance, did you get any lottery. Sarla says yes. Pari dances. Sarla says Rani is giving divorce to Amit. Pari says wow, its good news, we will get rid of Rani. Sarla says yes, I will get rich girl for Amit. Pari says then we will make jewelry. Sarla says you are like me. Pari asks when will this happen. Sarla says once Rani gets away. They see Rani. Pari says I got an idea, we will trouble Rani. They go to balcony and pass taunts on Rani. Prabha argues with Sarla. Sarla says Rani spoke about divorce, now she can’t move back. Prabha says I will see you and shows vegs at Sarla. Rani says my decision is final, I will give divorce to Amit. Prabha says I can’t keep you here. Sarla says I don’t want to see your face. Rani goes. Sarla and Pari laugh.

Nimmi gets the specs and says you will see photo well now. Shanti thinks how to tell her, I can see everything clear. She sees photo and says I think I know her. Nimmi asks how. Shanti says I feel I have seen her. Nimmi says tell me, did Raghav had affair with anyone before marriage. Shanti scolds her. She says Raghav is simple and innocent, tell this to Kaushalya, if she doubts on marriage, she will get hurt. Nimmi asks will Kaushalya give divorce to Raghav, if he really has affair. Shanti says woman’s marriage ends with her death in inlaws, like Riya died here, woman left by husband has no respect, widow can get a guy, but woman left by husband won’t get any guy, if Raghav leaves Kaushalya, her life will be ruined, don’t worry, I will not let her life get ruined. Nimmi says I know, but there are some chances of this. Shanti asks do you want me to die. Nimmi asks why. Shanti says by listening to you, I wish to die, will you shut up now. She thinks Preeti is lucky to get Nandu, whom will Kaushalya get in this age.

Preeti asks Kaushalya why did she not tell everything. She says I always think good for you, even if I do good to this house, Shanti will feel I m doing bad. Kaushalya says Shanti does not think so. Preeti says she filled poison in your heart for me, but mum does not leave loving children, even children don’t leave loving mum. Kaushalya hugs her and cries. Preeti asks her not to try. Kaushalya asks her to make her free of Charni. Preeti says I will help you, just see what I do. She thinks to ruin Shanti and Kaushalya’s relation by using Charni.

Shivam and Aarti collide. Shivam tells his friend that he will not give interview. He scolds his friend on call. He gets Raghav’s call. Raghav says I filled the form, you have interview tomorrow. Shivam refuses to give interview and ends call. Shivam says everyone got after me. Aarti thinks he gets so angry. He is not going to his room, how shall I leave.

Preeti sees the baby and says I pity her, she has become an orphan. Shanti scolds Preeti. She says Shivam is alive. Preeti says yes, but he is not there for baby, where is that girl, keep an eye on her, she can take anything from home. Shanti asks her to leave. Preeti argues and goes. Shanti asks Kaushalya not to think much and prepare food. Kaushalya cries. Shivam calls his friend and says if you call my dad, I will not leave you. Shanti sees Charni and asks her to come. Aarti goes. Shivam looks on. Shanti thinks why was this girl with Shivam, what’s happening.


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