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Mere Angne Mein 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update and Mere Angne Mein 23rd February 2017 video watch online on

The Episode starts with Kaushalya also ending the relations like Shanti. Riya cries. Preeti says see I m smart, I have hit two targets with one arrow, whom will you make secretary now. Sarla asks her to be quiet. Shanti says come, we will go court, we will ask Raghav to reach there. Kaushalya cries and leaves with Shanti and Nimmi. Riya stares at Sarla. She says you did not do this right, I lost relations because of you, if anything happens to them, I will not leave you, remember this. Raghav waits for them at the court. Shanti, Nimmi and Kaushalya come there in rickshaw.

Raghav asks them to come fast. Preeti sits on swing and enjoys. Sarla sees Preeti. Preeti says now they will land in jail, there won’t be any problem now. Sarla raises hand on Preeti. Preeti holds her hand. She says I have changed now, see its just you and me here, we are the owners of Shanti Sadan, we will do 50-50. She makes a line and divides the line. She says I have become your Guru now, you will need me. Sarla says stop it, don’t you worry for them. Preeti says even you don’t worry. Sarla says I m worried now, I can hate Shanti, but I won’t let anyone take her life. She goes. Preeti says I m happy.

Judge asks them to start the hearing. The man says Raghav has no proof even today, he has wasted valuable time, Riya is killed and these people are killers, I want them to get punished. Riya and Shivam come. Riya says no, they are innocent, I m Riya, I m alive, someone did planning to frame them. Judge asks her to come in witness box and say. Riya swears to say truth.

She says I m Riya Srivastav, I m alive, I went to find my proof, I m not getting anything, the people who raised me is missing, what shall I do. Judge says we can’t accept excuses, there should be proof. She says you can ask Sarla once. The lawyer says what will she get by asking Sarla. Riya says you may know truth by questioning Sarla. Judge asks how can you take anyone’s name to postpone case, Sarla proved herself innocent. Riya says I m not lying, call Sarla, you will know truth. Judge sends Riya away. Shivam says Riya is saying truth, call Sarla here and ask her, Sarla is lying, Riya’s proof is stolen. Lawyer asks judge to follow facts and declare.

Judge says everyone has right to get justice, you were given 15 days time, but you all could not get any proof. Sarla comes there. Judge says police got a woman’s dead body and a family member has identified her as Riya, so court reaches the conclusion that Riya is murdered, and Shanti, Raghav and Kaushalya are involved in this murder. He announces the decision, they are given death sentence, to be hanged till death. Sarla says no, this is wrong decision, Riya is alive, how can you decide this. I will not accept this decision.

Sarla scolds judge and throws things. Judge says stop her, else it won’t be good. Shivam says she is Sarla, ask her, you are punishing wrong. Sarla says ask me what you want to ask, I will not go, how to leave my family. Sarla is taken out. Judge says this judgment is forwarded to high court for final approval. Shivam and Riya ask Shanti not to worry, we will appeal to high court and save you. Sarla says they took wrong decision, we will save you. Raghav says Sarla, its over now, nothing can happen now.

Kaushalya says we will agree to them, Riya is standing here, we did not do anything. Shanti says I m not bearing this for murder case, its because we got Riya home, I won’t do any appeal, Raghav, see Riya would be happy, she got my swing. Riya says don’t say this, I don’t want your swing. Shanti says Sarla would be happy too, you both will sink in sorrow sea, how will you both live in my murder blame, this is your punishment Sarla that you see me dying.

Riya says we will appeal in high court. Shanti says its my decision, I want to hang and die. Riya asks Raghav to explain Shanti. Raghav says I did not go against Shanti, I also accept punishment. Kaushalya says even I won’t go against Shanti, take care Nimmi. Nimmi cries and hugs her. They are taken away. Sarla says this happened wrong, whatever Shanti says, I won’t let this happen, I will go to high court. She thinks I got stuck, I can’t take Preeti’s name. Nimmi hugs Shanti and cries. Nimmi goes to Riya and Shivam and scolds them.

Shivam cries. Nimmi says you have ruined the family, I end all ties with you two, go and die in Ganga. She leaves. Preeti hears radio and smiles. Nandu comes home and sees her. He asks do you have any shame to hear songs. Preeti says its best day of my life, my culprits are getting punished. He says they are your family. She asks what family, they ruined my life. He scolds her. She gets angry and asks him to leave. Nimmi comes home and gets shocked seeing Preeti. She asks did you go mad. Preeti sees Nandu gone. Nimmi asks what do you want to celebrate, that Shanti, Kaushalya and Raghav got death sentence, we are going to become orphans, go from here. Preeti leaves.

Shanti, Kaushalya and Raghav are brought to jail. Jailer says put them in different cells. Shanti says let us stay together in last time. Jailer says no pity, you have to be separately.

Nimmi scolds Riya and says you are dead for me, go from here.

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