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Mere Angne Mein 24th February 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Shanti asking Raghav and Kaushalya to appeal in high court as they have Nimmi’s responsibility. Raghav refuses saying if Shanti is dying, they will also die. Kaushalya says I will take blame on myself, my children need you. Shanti says this is not the time to think this, I can’t do this. They are put in different cells. Shanti calls out jailer. He asks why are you making noise. He asks what. She gives him some money. He asks do you think you will get saved. She asks him to give good food to Raghav. He says its jail, not five star hotel. She says I m requesting you, don’t give me food, just give good food to Raghav. Jailer says you are murderer, we can’t pity you. She says someone planned and framed us, Riya is alive. She cries.

Pari dances at home. Amit drinks and dances. They celebrate. Sarla comes home and sees them dancing. She feels bad for Shanti and scolds them. They laugh on Sarla and thinks she is joking. Amit says Sarla has won, they went to jail. He plays songs and dances. Sarla stops the music and gets angry. She says I m not acting, I m worried that Shanti is going to get hanged. Amit says you have laid the trap and now you are upset, Shanti as going to die soon. She gets angry.

Pari says what’s wrong happening with Shanti, she is reaping what she has sown, its good. Sarla says she did not do much bad with us, I did not wish her to die. Pari reminds what Sarla said, you asked me to leave Shanti in Bangkok and burn her passport. Sarla says yes, I did not say you to kill her, you are not understanding, I m thinking for Shanti, I feel guilty to do this. Pari says you are loving Shanti now, you say you don’t want to see her face, what do you want.

Sarla says I can’t let Shanti die. Pari says now nothing can happen, court gave decision. Amit says yes, it does not matter if Shanti dies, I m feeling sleepy. Sarla cries and thinks I m expecting from these useless children, I have to think of something. Shanti sees rats and calls for help. No one comes. She asks is anyone hearing, get me out of here. She screams. Kaushalya gets troubled by the jail inmates. They smoke cigarette and put smoke on Kaushalya. They laugh on Kaushalya, and scold her for being a murderer. Kaushalya says we are blamed but we did not kill anyone. They force her to smoke. Kaushalya refuses. The lady says if you refuse, you will die before getting hanged. Another lady helps Kaushalya and makes her away from bad ladies. Kaushalya gets relieved.

Nimmi recalls Shivam and Riya. Riya gets food for Nimmi. Nimmi asks why did you come back, I know you did this to take revenge. Riya says no, I did not. Nimmi says you are dead for me, go from here, we have no relation now. Riya says I did not do anything, please try to understand. Nimmi says if you don’t go, I will leave. Riya stops her and keeps food. Nimmi says take the plate, I don’t have food made by strangers. Riya cries and goes.

Shivam sees Riya crying and holds her. He asks what happened. Riya says Nimmi did not eat food, she is hungry. Nimmi cries. Sarla sees the family album and thinks of Shanti. She cries and thinks of old moments. She thinks of Raghav and how Raghav always pampered her by fulfilling her wishes. Riya asks Shivam to do anything, but save Shanti, Raghav and Kaushalya. He says I won’t let anything happen to them. I will find some way. He says you both are my strength, I will feed Nimmi.

Nimmi sees him and shuts door. He asks her to have food atleast, if she does not want to talk, she can get her anger out, why is she doing this. He asks her to give him one chance. He says if you get adamant, I will also not leave from here, you always understood me, give me a chance to explain, I know you are crying, don’t do this. He reminds her old moments. He asks what happened to you, open the door, talk to me. Nimmi cries. Shivam keeps the food in her room and sits there. Sarla hugs the saree and recalls Shanti and Raghav. She regrets her doings and cries.

The jail inmate argues with Raghav. They fight. Raghav gets beaten up.

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