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Mere Angne Mein 24th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Mere Angne Mein 24th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Amit asking Aarti why is she crying. Rani says I will tell you, I like this third design a lot, I will also get the same one. Aarti asks Amit to leave, she does not like talking about all this. Shanti comes and asks who is this man. Amit says I called him. Shanti asks why is Aarti crying. Rani says Amit was asking about the decorations. Shanti scolds Rani. She beats Amit. Amit asks her not to beat him. Shanti scolds and beats the decorator also. Amit says I have to final design. Shanti beats him more. She asks did he get mad, you stay away from her till marriage. She asks Pari to do makeup to Charni. Amit says Shivam went to get my sehra, so I came here to see Charni. Amit asks Aarti to fix gajra, else his heart will break. Shanti asks him to leave now. Amit goes. Shanti says its Mata ji’s gajra, fix it okay.

Raghav gets ready. Kaushalya comes there. He says I m very handsome. She says I know, go and meet some girls. He asks why, my life is over now. She laughs and says I m asking about Shivam’s marriage. He jokes and hugs her, asking her not to worry for Shivam’s marriage. He says worry just gets medicines, not solution. She says you just give Gyaan. He says you look happy, Shanti will also worry and also Amit, his parents are not here, we have to do all rituals.

She says I m going to call marriage bureau, get ready, all families will come with girls, they will see you first and then Shivam. She goes. He says she got mad, she will get Shivam married. Golu collides with someone. Bansi steals his wallet. Golu realizes this and stops Bansi and Rajendra. He beats them up. He says I m born inspector, give my purse. Bansi gives his purse. Golu scolds them. He asks them to come to police station. Constable asks Golu to go and give lahenga to Rani, he will take them to police station. Golu says I already gave lahenga and goes.

Kaushalya talks to marriage bureau and says ask the girls to come home wearing the bridal dress, the girl whom guy likes, we will get them married. The man says fine. He finds her mad and says I m getting money, I will send the girls. Amit selects the design and asks the man to decorate the room. Shivam comes and asks what’s happening. Amit says I m preparing for suhaagraat. Shivam asks what, in my room. Amit says Shanti asked me to stay here, you are single, you can stay anywhere, can’t you give a room to me. Shivam says fine, I can’t say anything now. Kaushalya looks on. Shivam goes. She thinks I will not let this happen, I will talk to Shanti.

Preeti sees Nandu doing petty work and asks him to be as son in law, not a servant. Nandu says sons do this work, its my house, I m son of this house. She says even if you become hero, your heart will always be like a clerk. Nandu says my heart was and is always good, you will take years to understand this. Kaushalya asks what happened. Nandu says I was praising her beauty.

Pari and Nimmi make Aarti ready. Preeti says Aarti is bride, I would have called some parlor lady. Pari argues with her. She thinks Preeti is her ATM and apologizes. She says I love you a lot and hugs her. Shanti asks them to come, go and make groom ready. Amit says once I get married, Charni will be in my hand, it means Shanti will be in my hand. Aarti comes downstairs. Shanti asks Shivam to end call. She compliments Aarti.

Rani comes as bridal dress. Shanti asks Shivam to take Aarti to community hall. He says Preeti and Nimmi can take her. Shanti says she is wearing much jewelry, man should take her. She asks Rani not to come close to Aarti. Rani asks Nandu to manage everything, else everyone’s lives will be ruined. Nandu asks her not to worry. Aarti refuses to go. They all get shocked. Rani signs no to her and asks Nandu to manage. Shanti asks what do you mean, are you tensed, don’t worry, this is your Maayka and Sasural, you will come here. Nandu says I will take Aarti and wards off her bad sight. Shanti says I will keep money and give later.

Kaushalya asks Aarti to take care of Amit and inlaws. Shanti asks Aarti is she much hurt. Aarti says I will go. She thinks life has hurt me a lot. Shanti says you will not say even if you get hurt, remove the shoes. Rani signs Aarti. Shanti puts rose petals in shoes and says now your feet will not be hurt, wear shoes now. Aarti cries seeing Shanti. Shanti says you are not able to walk even now. She asks Shivam to make Aarti sit on bike and drop her to hall. Amit and Shivam get shocked.


Mere Angne Mein 25th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Rani takes blessings from Amit. She says I m going…. Shivam asks Aarti to tell him if she needs anything. Aarti asks will you help me. He says yes, tell me. She tells something. He gets shocked.