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Mere Angne Mein 25th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 25th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Mere Angne Mein 25th February 2017 video watch Online on

The Episode starts with Raghav defending an old man in the cell. The inmates trouble Raghav and taunt him for killing bahu. They call Raghav a big sinner. Raghav says I m innocent, but I failed to prove my innocence in court, so I m here, don’t misbehave with me. They beat up Raghav. Jailer comes and stops them from fighting. He takes Raghav. Raghav comes inside Shanti’s cell. Raghav says I m worried for children, how to manage everything, Nimmi is alone, who will support her, Shivam has no job, how will Shanti Sadan run, I m not having courage to leave children this way, we should not go, what shall we do. She says everyone has fate written, if they free, they will not get what we want, I want them to cry and manage themselves. I m shattered, after what Sarla did, I want to die. She cries. She sees Raghav disappeared. She says what am I doing, I m being adamant and sacrificing Raghav and Kaushalya, how can I punish them, their life is still there, they have to manage the family.

Riya goes out of the house and meets Sarla. Sarla cries and hugs her, asking her to save Shanti. Riya says we can’t do anything, I told you to get proof. Sarla says how can I get proof, the person having proof cheated, I really don’t know how to get proof. Nimmi argues with jailer and says let me meet my family once. Jailer allows her. Nimmi thanks him.

Sarla says forget what happened, I will resign from post, you take the post. Riya says stop it, I have no greed. Sarla says fine, you are smart, think something. Riya says I have no idea. Sarla says I can’t live if Shanti dies. Riya says stop crying, we have to appeal in high court to stop the death sentence. Sarla says yes, but Shanti is adamant that she won’t appeal. Riya says the judgment will go in high court, we can’t let them die.

Nimmi meets Raghav and cries. He asks why did you come here at night. She apologizes. He says I should apologize, I m leaving you at this point in life, the family has stain, its not easy to live with it. Nimmi says don’t lose so soon, we will appeal in high court, I will try my best to get you out, till then take care. Raghav cries and says you have grown up, I will not worry for you now, I m sure you can take care of yourself, whatever happens, live honestly.

Nimmi says I will free you. Raghav is taken away. He cries. Shanti sees him and asks what happened. Raghav goes to his cell. Constable says nothing, someone has hit on his head yesterday, you have to get habitual. Shanti says we are innocent. She cries. Jailer says if you are innocent, appeal in high court, why do you want to die. Shanti says yes, I want to appeal, call my lawyer. Jailer says your lawyer left your case and run away. She says my son is beaten up, I want to appeal. He says your case is weak, no one can fight your case. Shanti says I want a lawyer, you have to get a lawyer. She is taken to cell.

Its morning, Nandu and Nimmi talk about getting a lawyer and talking to Shanti. Nimmi says jailer said Shanti wants to appeal. He says its good news. She says I want to see them at home. She thanks him. He holds her hand and says its my family too. Preeti sees them. Nimmi asks will lawyer manage. He says Girish is my old friend, he will do his best, my heart is saying they will come out of jail soon, everything will be fine. Preeti taunts Nimmi for enjoying with Nandu and using her freedom. Nimmi asks what nonsense, I went to talk to lawyer. Preeti asks did things reach till marriage, its good. Nandu gets angry and scolds her. Preeti shouts shut up.

Nimmi asks what did I do, I wanted Nandu’s help to find lawyer. Preeti says you can change mind, remember what you did. Nimmi says you know whose mistake was it, don’t make it say. Preeti says everyone knows what you did, you ruined your inlaws. Nimmi cries and scolds her. Nandu asks Preeti to stop it, Nimmi worries for her family. Preeti says Nimmi has taught Nandu to defend her. She asks Nimmi to be away from her and her husband. Nimmi says I will stay away, I don’t like coming to you. She goes. Nandu says she is your younger sister, pity on her. Preeti says they are my parents also, I m not ruining anyone’s house. He says Nimmi is not coming between us, she wanted help. She says she would have come to me to get help, her heart is bad. He asks her to be scared of Lord, if Shivam knows this, what will happen. She asks who is this lawyer. He says Girish is appealing in high court from Shanti’s side. She gets shocked and thinks my plan will flop, I have to do something.

Girish meets Shanti. He asks her to have belief, he will do his best. He explains her to appeal in high court. Shanti says don’t make us lose there. He says Nandu has sent me. She asks did you speak about money to him? He says don’t worry, sign here and we will see when to appeal in high court, you have to be here for some days, your death sentence will stop till your innocence is proved. She says this life is bad here, we are not given good food. He says bear something, think its test by Lord, we have 7 days, I will appeal in court. She cries.


Mere Angne Mein 25th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Inspector says I can’t take case against you Sarla ji, you are big minister. Sarla asks Riya to slap inspector. Riya beats the inspector.

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