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Mere Angne Mein 25th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 25th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Shivam taking Aarti on his bike. Kaushalya sings vidai song. Amit asks Shivam to take her carefully. Shanti asks Amit to change clothes and get ready. Shanti smiles. Shivam and Aarti are on the way. Aarti thinks to jump from the bike to get her hands and legs broken, atleast marriage can stop by this. Shivam’s friend greets him and asks are you taking your wife out, you did not tell you remarried. Shivam says no, she is Amit’s would be wife, I m taking her to marriage hall, you also come there.

Kaushalya says I have to tell something, there is some problem, if Amit takes Shivam’s room, where will Shivam go, if Shivam likes a girl, I will get him married today, if he does not marry, I will burn in havan kund. Shanti says havan kund will be smaller for you, if Shivam gets a girl, don’t know, Amit is getting married, he will need a room, don’t take tension, Amit will go when Sarla comes. Kaushalya says you said he will go when marriage happens. Shanti says great, I changed mind, what will you do. Kaushalya says I don’t have any complains, there is just one room.

Shanti says we will give your room to Shivam, you are Dadi now, you don’t need to sleep with your husband, its a shame, you can sleep here in living room. Kaushalya gets a call. The man says girl’s mum wants to know about Shivam. The lady talks to Kaushalya. Kaushalya praises Shivam. The lady says we want guy and girl to meet. Kaushalya asks her to send girl’s pic and then they will select her, ask her to come in bridal dress, if marriage gets fixed, I will give Chandrahaar to bride. She ends call and says I will not give my necklace to anyone. The man says we will reach marriage hall directly.

Shivam drops Aarti to the marriage hall. He says if you need help, tell me. Aarti cries and asks will you help me. He says yes, tell me. She says actually…. Nandu comes and stops her. He asks Shivam to go. Girls take Nandu’s autograph. Girl says I love you, I want a selfie with you. Preeti scolds her. Nandu says they are fans. The girl says he became superstar because of fans like us. Nandu asks Shivam to go to Amit. Shivam goes. Preeti and Nimmi leave. Nandu shuts the door. Aarti recalls her old time. She says I m scared, I won’t do this marriage. Nandu asks her to trust Rani, calm down, sit.

Amit gets ready and comes. Shanti blesses him. Rani comes there and smiles seeing him. She compliments him. Shanti asks Amit to stay away from Rani. Shivam comes and says there is car strike. Shanti says call for a horse. Shivam says someone took the horse for marriage. Amit asks what’s happening. Pandit comes. Shanti says call the man and ask for the horse. Shivam says why will he give horse to us. Amit says we will go by walk. Shanti says you are groom, this can’t happen, baraat should go well. Kaushalya tells about rasam. Shanti asks Rani to leave. Rani says I m leaving. She calls Golu and asks him to meet near Amit’s baraat. She takes Shanti’s blessings. Shanti says bless you, settle with someone. Rani takes Kaushalya’s blessings. Kaushalya hugs her.

Shanti says Kaushalya is a great lady, she worries for everyone’s marriage. Rani says Amit was my ex husband, so I have to take his blessings. Amit says no, and holds her. They have an eyelock. Pari asks Rani to get away, its Amit’s marriage today, do drama in your marriage, leave from here. Rani says I m going. She goes. Shanti says we will not have baraat going from same place. Pandit says we will complete rasam first.

He asks Kaushalya to do rituals. Amit bends down. Shivam holds him. Kaushalya does ritual with Shivam unknowingly. She does tilak to Amit. Shanti gets a garland for Amit and makes him wear it. Nandu asks Aarti not to worry, he will get food for her, I asked Preeti to check arrangements, but can’t trust her. Aarti worries. Rani calls Golu and asks him to come soon, till then she will see Charni once. Aarti says I will give my life, but not marry Amit. She sees a nut cutter.


Mere Angne Mein 26th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Aarti thinks I can’t tolerate this more, forgive me. She tries to cut her wrist.

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