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Mere Angne Mein 25th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 25th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Mere Angne Mein 25th March 2017 video watch online HD on

The Episode starts with Nimmi telling everyone that Shivam got job in railway. Nimmi and Kaushalya rush to Shivam. Preeti comes and asks Shanti why did Nimmi and Kaushalya run, is there any fire. Shanti says they are happy as Shivam got job. Preeti says they will be glad as he got govt. job. She jokes on Shanti. Shanti happily cries. Preeti says now Kaushalya will change her attitude. Shanti says I will control anyone who jumps much, its time to sing and dance. She asks Kaushalya to get dhol.

Kaushalya and Nimmi go to Shivam. Nimmi tells what all things she want. Kaushalya says stop it now, he will get everything. They congratulate Shivam for the job. Kaushalya says you did not tell us about the good news. He says I m not happy, I will not leave job, I will do it, as Raghav and Shanti gave me ultimatum, there is one use, I can drink wine by my money. They get shocked. Kaushalya says Raghav and Shanti are related to you, they love you and wanted to stop you from drinking wine. He says love looks like a cheat to me, even Riya used to say the same to me, what happened, she left me, if she could not keep her love, what will you all do, I can just live with money now.

Kaushalya says fine, we all are liars, what’s true, tell me. He says death, it never cheats. They get shocked. He leaves. Shanti asks Aarti to come and play dhol. Aarti plays dhol. Shanti dances and makes Preeti and Aarti dance along. Kaushalya and Nimmi come. Shanti asks what happened, why are you sad, I understood, I will get Shivam’s salary in hand, I will give you some money, dance now. She makes Kaushalya and Nimmi dance. Shivam sees them and misses Riya. He thinks why did you leave me Riya, this happiness does not mean anything to me.

Rani meets lawyer. She says I won’t let Amit remarry. She tells lady that Sarla wants to get her husband remarried, divorce did not happen, I will not leave him. Lady asks her to complain about Amit. Rani says he has never troubled me, but he has mentally tortured me. Lady says wounds are just seen on body, not heart, file domestic violence case. Rani says I don’t want to go to police station, tell some way to scare him. Lady says there is one more way and tells her.

Rani says great, I will start doing this. Lady says act innocent till divorce happens. Rani thanks her and goes. Raghav meets his friend and gets laddoos. They have a talk. She says your son got job, I know you got laddoos for me. He says I was worried for Shivam, its good he got job, I hope his life will come on right track. She says why not, leave it, give me laddoos. He asks her to keep the box. Shanti asks did you call Raghav. Nimmi calls Raghav and gives to Shanti. Shanti says Raghav will be happy. Nimmi goes. Shanti says answer call, I have to give good news. Preeti asks Kaushalya to see, Shanti started saying about keeping salary, when will you take rights, how much will you wait. Kaushalya says I will call him at office number.

She calls and peon answers. She asks about Raghav. He says his work is over, he took laddoos for madam. She asks which madam. Train passes by and she could not hear anything. She doubts and drops phone. Amit waits for Sarla. Pari comes and argues with him. Pari says I went to meet my lawyer friend. She asks what will he do if Rani applies for divorce and alimony, lawyer said if we prove Rani is characterless, we will get saved. He says fine, I will pay you 100 rs. She asks him to give 5000rs. He says I will give when I get. She says my friend can spoil your case. He says fine, but Rani is not characterless. She says then give her money. He says fine, I will prove it. Rani comes in locality. Pari sees her.

Ajay comes there and signs Rani to talk. He asks about Sarla’s house. Rani asks what would do you have. He says I have to give her a letter. Pari looks on. Rani takes letter.

Shanti asks about Raghav. Kaushalya says peon said he took laddoos for any madam, don’t know what is he doing. Shanti says stop nonsense, your son got govt. Job, celebrate, we will dine together, make something good. She asks Nimmi and Aarti to dance. She plays dhol. Shanti asks Aarti to smile, don’t make upset face. She asks Nimmi to smile and show. Nimmi smiles and says all teeth should be seen. Shanti makes Aarti smile. She asks Aarti to play dhol.

Aarti recalls her old days. She reads jokes and laughs. Ajay comes home. He asks why are you standing on window and laughing, who was here. She says you are mistaken, I was just reading jokes. He holds her neck and asks her to laugh and show now. He tortures her. FB ends.

Preeti asks Kaushalya not to worry, I will find out who is this madam, I will not leave her. Nimmi says no need, you manage our home, I m alive to manage the matters of this house, stay away, it will be good for us. She asks Kaushalya not to talk all this in front of outsiders. Preeti asks did I become outsider. Kaushalya asks them to stop it and not trouble her. Preeti argues. She thinks to ruin their lives.


Mere Angne Mein 26th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shanti asks about Shivam. Aarti sees Shivam lying on the ground and worries.

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