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Mere Angne Mein 26th February 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Riya asking how am I not getting the documents. Shivam says calm down, Sarla changed and helping us now. He sees Nimmi and asks where were you, we were finding you, what happened to you, we need each other, we can work together and save family. Nimmi says I don’t trust you and your wife, and about Shanti, Kaushalya and Raghav, I will save them. He asks by what way, tell me. She asks him to find his own way and follow it. He says we will follow your way. She says I won’t say in front of Riya, she has done all this, I m scared of her, that if I tell you anything, you can spoil it. Riya stops Shivam and talks to Nimmi.

Riya says we don’t want anything wrong to happen with our family. Nimmi says how would I know your own reasons behind doing this. She leaves.

Shivam gets sad. Kaushalya comes to Raghav’s cell with food. She asks him to have food. He says what happened in our life, what did we think that life will be so good and happy, and where are we today, I could not give you a good life, I can just apologize to you. She says my life is spent, I m worried for my children, how will Shivam manage everything. He says time is strong. They both get sad. She says I have to meet my children, I did not do anything, I want to go to them. He looks around as Kaushalya disappears. Constable asks to whom are you talking. Raghav says my wife came to give me food. Constable says people see shadows in jail, don’t get sad, Shanti met lawyer and appealed in high court.

Bansi and Rajendra meet Preeti. Preeti says a lawyer Girish will come, you have to kidnap him. Bansi asks for money. She says I will give money if you do work, else I will beat you. They agree to do the work and argue there. Preeti says enough, see lawyer is coming, find out his name, if he is Girish, you know what to do.

Sarla comes to Shanti Sadan and tells Riya that miracle happened, I did 4 hours tapasya, I got an idea, come down, everyone will get saved. Nimmi asks what will they do to frame Shanti now. Riya says don’t misunderstand me. Sarla asks her to come. Shivam says I will come along. Sarla says no, we will manage, take care of Nimmi. They leave.

Bansi and Rajendra find out Girish. They kidnap him. Preeti says leave him after 8 days, else I will not leave you. She asks them to sell Girish’s bike and take money. She asks them to take Girish. They leave. Amit sees Rani. A guy wishes happy birthday to Rani. Rani gives him prasad. He says I used to remind Amit about your birthday every year. She says its good my misunderstanding got cleared.

Amit scolds his friend and sends him. He worries. Sarla and Riya come to police station. Riya asks why did you get me here. Sarla scolds inspector and asks Riya to beat her. Riya says she is inspector, if I beat her, they will put me in jail. Sarla says yes, she will write FIR with your name and you will get an identity. Riya throws things and slaps inspector. Inspector says Sarla madam, I did big mistake to put you all in jail, forgive me. Sarla says Riya slapped you, write FIR against her. Inspector says no, I can’t do this, you are big minister, my job will get in risk. Riya beats inspector more. Riya says I broke your head, you have to write FIR by my name, write my name and details. Inspector aims gun at Riya. Sarla worries. Inspector says I can’t take this case, you are minister. Sarla says we need this case.

Shanti thinks of her family. She requests constable to let her meet his family. He says forgive me, I can’t make you meet my son. She asks him to give him haldi milk, keep this money. He says I will arrange something, don’t worry. She says tell Raghav that I love him a lot. Constable sees her crying and cries.

Sarla and Riya come back home. Sarla says we can do one more thing, you don’t misunderstand this. Riya says tell me. Sarla says if we prove you dead, like you committed suicide, then there will be record of your name. She tells her idea. Riya says no, this is risky, we can get away from Shanti forever, we can get trapped, we will find proof. Sarla says how to get the proof. Nimmi calls Girish. Bansi talks to him. Nimmi says your voice looks different. Preeti hears Bansi. He says I have many cases on hand, don’t disturb me. Bansi says I answered call so that she does not doubt. Preeti says none should know that Girish is kidnapped. Bansi goes. Preeti says six days more, then Shanti Sadan’s story will end.

Shanti asks constable about court order. Constable says your lawyer did not come.

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