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Mere Angne Mein 26th January 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Kaushalya asking Nimmi to help her. Nimmi taunts Preeti. They argue. Nimmi asks Kaushalya to ask Rani to work. Preeti says how can you ask her, when she has shown them their place. She taunts them. Kaushalya says when Riya does not care for Shivam, why will she care for us, don’t know what she wants. Preeti says ask her what she wants. Kaushalya says she left us and then did this drama of death, then she came back, I will ask her what is going on in her mind. She goes and does not see Riya on swing. She asks Nimmi to come, we will ask Riya.

Riya looks at the swing and recalls her condition. She thinks I have to get bitter with Shanti, to know the truth, this is not happening right. Kaushalya asks Shivam to call Riya. Shivam says maybe she is sitting on swing.

Nimmi says if she runs again, we will get caught badly.

Amit’s bike does not start. His friends tease him by seeing the wig. Amit says I will show you how I fooled Lallan. He wears the wig and talks as a woman. He turns and sees Babloo. He gets shocked. Babloo says you think I did not know you are Amita and Amit. Amit says no, I was rehearsing for play. Babloo says you are lying and shows Amita’s pic in phone. Lallan comes there and is shocked.

Amit asks Babloo to give the phone. Babloo says no, I have one condition, you have to become my Mami. Amit does not see Lallan. He says I can’t become your Mami, I m gents, I was doing drama, I can’t explain you, give me phone. Lallan angrily slaps Amit. Amit gets shocked seeing him.

Shanti touches her swing and cries. Riya comes there and sees her. Shanti wipes her tears. Riya asks did you hug your swing well, now sign on these papers. Shanti makes excuse that her hand got stiff. Riya says I will help you, you have to apply thumb impression. Shanti acts to fall. Shivam and everyone come. Shivam asks what did you do to Dadi. Sarla says Riya has slapped Shanti. They all get shocked. Sarla says Shanti fainted, check her, she is alive. Shanti gets up and asks where am I. She does drama. Riya says maybe you have seen bad dream, don’t worry, you are with family at home, you have to put thumb impression here. Shivam asks why, what’s these papers. Riya asks Shanti to make any excuses, but this swing will be mine.

Shivam says you want the heirship, what will you get doing this. Riya shouts freedom, to live my life my way, to rule this house. Shivam asks why don’t you say you want to make everyone dance on your fingers. Riya says so what’s new in this, even Shanti makes everyone dance on her fingers. He asks what will you get doing this. Riya says I have to become head of this house and I will become the head, I want to live freely. Shivam asks her to go out and live freely. She says I will go, I will see the happiness to sit on this swing, how it feels to make people dance on fingers, Shanti has time till tomorrow, she can sit on it and then swing will be mine. Shanti gets shocked.

Lallan says you cheated me and beats Amit. Amit says its nothing like that, Babloo is lying. Lallan says you played with my emotions, Rani is clever, she said she will make me marry Amita, I told her I will forgive you, I did not think why I did not see you and Amita at once. He beats Amit and says you like to become girl, I will make you a girl, you are Amita from now, you will marry me. He asks Babloo to get ready to get Mami. He catches Amit.

Sarla says I m shocked seeing Riya. Shanti thinks. Riya goes to her room and cries, thinking I don’t want to become head. Shivam comes to room. She says I m saying truth, I don’t want the swing, trust me. He says you are lying, you want to trouble my family, what’s there to trust, your tears and love are false. She says I don’t want to do this. He asks why did you come back.

She says I will explain you well, whatever is happening, my kidnapping and death news, someone is intentionally doing this, I want to know who wishes bad for our family. He says you are doing this to make false murder case and trap my family. She asks why will I do this. He says to take revenge, you left me seeing me unwell, and came back when I got well, you are snatching swing by using Shanti’s helplessness. She gets angry and says its proved I m a very selfish woman, I have done this, I left you there. He says enough. She says I will tell you truth, I hate you a lot, you want to hear this right, I hate you and your family, I trapped them, I did this, fine. He angrily says I hate you Riya. She cries. Her imagination ends. She looks around for Shivam.

She thinks I will bear your hatred Shivam, but I will find out who is trying to ruin my family, I will find that person even if Shivam does not support me.

Sarla asks Shanti what will she do, why is she waiting to sign, will anyone come to save them, Shivam asks Shanti not to sign, I will talk to Riya. Sarla says I m afraid that the way Riya took this swing, she will take this house too.

Riya says Shanti has to sign. Shivam says you will regret Riya. Riya says this time, I will sit on swing.

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