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Mere Angne Mein 26th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Mere Angne Mein 26th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Aarti coming to room and falling in tension. Shivam asks her what happened to her, why is she running. He holds her. She gets scared and cries. She sees baby crying and hugs her. He asks her to say something. She recalls Chandra’s words. She does not say anything. Chandra stays out of her room. Shivam looks out of the room and shuts the door. Chandra thinks now Charni has to stay afraid. Shivam asks her what’s her problem, why was she running. She scolds him for neglecting the baby, she is his daughter and he has to accept this. He asks her to stop nonsense. She says you have to accept this one day. She sits crying.

Chandra goes to Shanti and asks her to come for havan, he did arrangements in his room, he will do other puja with Kaushalya. She asks him to do puja on terrace or outside the house with Charni. He gets glad. Shivam wakes up by baby’s cry. He calls out Aarti. She comes and takes baby. She asks can’t you console the baby, atleast stand close. He asks her to stand. She says you can’t give excuses always, look at her, she is your daughter. He says stop giving Gyaan. She asks are you doing things fine. He asks what did I do.

She says you filled sindoor in someone’s wife’s maang and tied me in this relation, you are not freeing me. He says I won’t free you, are you hurt. She says don’t know when will you understand me and goes. He says I m also helpless, you know how society sees divorcees, how my family sees such women, you are a good person, so I have tied you here, don’t know when will you understand me. He cleans the room. Chandra and Shanti do havan. Chandra tells her about Charni, she was roaming out at night, I feel there is some big problem coming on your house, don’t get scared. He says you or your family member will face tough days. She gets shocked.

Nandu meets Rani. He apologizes to her. She says you got hurt because of me. He says its my mistake. She says I m not selfish, my intention is not wrong. He says I know, I felt you are right, just wrong happened with Aarti. Rani says no, maybe Lord wants Shivam and Aarti to get together, everything will be fine, sorrow clouds have gone, lights will come from door. He says you have shut doors of light, when will you forgive Amit, you love him a lot. She says no, I m happy in my life. He asks whom are you lying to, go back to Amit. She asks him to forgive Preeti. He asks her to take care and goes. Chandra gives the solution to Shanti. He asks her to sprinkle gangajal on her family members. Shanti asks him to find any cheaper solution or wait till salary comes. He says fine, you can go now. Shanti comes and sprinkles gangajal on Kaushalya and Nimmi.

A man comes to ask for money. Kaushalya says Shanti has given diary to Charni. Shanti shouts Charni. She asks her to pay money. Aarti asks for keys. Shanti refuses and goes. She gets money. The man asks Kaushalya about divorcee bahu. Kaushalya scolds him. The man asks her to keep an eye on her bahu, people are making news. Nimmi and Kaushalya scold the man. Chandra looks on.

Shanti gives less money to the man and sends him. Shanti asks Aarti about money. Aarti says I m not such a girl to steal money, trust me. She cries. She sees Chandra staring. She says I respect you all, how to explain you. Kaushalya says your talk will not affect us.


Mere Angne Mein 27th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shanti asks Aarti what did she do of money. Aarti says I paid money to everyone. Shanti says you answer police now.