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Mere Angne Mein 26th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 26th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Mere Angne Mein 26th March 2017 video watch online HD on

The Episode starts with Kaushalya getting ready. Raghav sings Mere mehboob…. and sees her. He says since you became Dadi, you have no time for me, Shivam got govt. Job, don’t worry, come and talk to me, what happened. She asks him to talk to one with whom he eats laddoos. He says strange, tell me one thing, did you leave spy after me, I will get laddoo for you. She says no need, you and madam eat that. He laughs.

Pari thinks its good chance and clicks Rani and Ajay’s pictures. Rani says I will give letter to Sarla, I m her bahu. Pari asks Amit to see Rani with some guy. Amit says she is talking, it does not mean she is characterless. Rani kisses letter. Amit gets angry and goes to her. He asks what’s this acting. Rani says leave from my way. He asks did that guy give love letter.

She says you should not care when you gave divorce papers. She sees him getting jealous. She argues with him. He takes the letter and checks. He reads the letter for Sarla. She laughs and asks what happened, you got jealous, if you get love letter from me, don’t feel anything, who am I for you. She goes.

Aarti thinks of her mum. Aarti shows her result to her mum and hugs her. She says I passed with first division in 12th, this is just starting, I will take admission in big college and do a good job, I will buy a car for you. Her mum says you passed 12th, you did not get lottery, I got to know this before. I made snacks for you. Aarti says we should celebrate. She dances with her mum. They laugh. Her mum blesses her. Aarti says let me become independent first, then I will marry. Her mum says no, you have studied much, now we will find a life partner for you. Aarti says I want such husband who understands me and takes me along, not anyone who makes me stuck in kitchen. Her mum says no, husband and wife can’t be equal, wife’s duty is to support husband. Aarti says we will see that later. She eats pakodis. FB ends. Aarti cries. Shivam comes upstairs while drinking. She hides behind pillar and sits.

Shivam sits talking. He says if there is sound, Dadi will wake up and give me lecture, everyone is celebrating about job, but I m not happy, my happiness is in Riya. Aarti hears him. Aarti hears him. Shivam says I tried to call Riya, she does not listen to me, I told her to come back, I miss her so much, don’t know where she has hidden by getting annoyed, get Riya back, tell her that I love her a lot, I m calling her back. Aarti looks at him. He calls out Riya and says come back. He finishes the wine bottle and throws it. He keeps hand over Aarti’s saree. She gets back. He falls asleep. Aarti thinks I will not come out of my room again, help me.

Its morning, Aarti wakes up and sees Shivam sleeping. Shanti does tulsi puja. She says its good day, Shivam will go on job. She talks to baby. She asks Nimmi to take baby. She says Kaushalya did not give me tea. Kaushalya says no, I kept two cups of tea here. Shanti says you had to tell me to come and have tea, will I see tea from far. Kaushalya says I thought you will see and drink. Shanti says Shivam got job, and you are acting smart. She throws the tea. Nimmi says forgive mummy, she was busy preparing for Shivam’s job. Shanti asks what’s the work, just tiffin is to be given. Aarti pulls the saree cloth. Kaushalya gets tiffin. Shanti says Shivam is not elephant, did you keep food for us or not, he can’t have so much food. She asks Kaushalya not to cry.

Aarti comes downstairs. Shanti asks from where are you coming. She asks Kaushalya about Shivam. Kaushalya says maybe he went temple, its first day of his office. Raghav says its good. Shanti says I came from temple, I did not see him. Raghav asks what’s this tiffin. Shanti says your wife thinks she gave birth to an elephant. Raghav asks for tea. Shanti says tell him to have tea, he won’t know you kept tea.

Kaushalya calls Shivam. She says I think he went for her job. Shanti says I don’t know. Shivam is still sleeping. Aarti hears them and thinks its hi first day at work, he is sleeping there, if I tell them, they will ask me, what to do now.


Mere Angne Mein 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kaushalya calls office and gets to know Shivam did not come there. She tells this to Shanti. She fears Shivam will lose job.

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