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Mere Angne Mein 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Rani offering help to Kaushalya. Pari scolds her. Aarti takes care of baby. Rani looks at her. Pari says we are getting good Bhabhi, Amit did not come and she kept towel ready. Aarti says no, its for Shivam. Pari says keep for Amit also. Aarti says I don’t know when he comes, I will give him when he comes. Shivam comes and washes face. He takes the towel. Aarti asks shall I make tea. He goes.

Few ladies come to invite Shanti and Sarla for minister’s daughter’s marriage. Lady sees Rani and says you are Sarla’s bahu right, we came your home and saw lock. Rani says Sarla went abroad, shall I come in marriage. Lady says sure, come. Nimmi says we will go in marriage, it will be fun. Shanti asks Kaushalya to keep small silver coin. Nimmi says people are keeping drone cameras to capture everything. Shanti says gift it to me on my birthday, I will know what Kaushalya tells against me. Amit comes to police station to keep the gun back. He keeps the gun and acts to find it. He says its here, I have found it. He tells he saved a girl from goon and got hurt, I will catch him next time.

He makes him have sweets and says my marriage got fixed. Inspector says I have to take wife out today and goes. Constable congratulates Amit. Amit says this is my place now.

Its night, Kaushalya feeds sweets to Raghav and says Amit made Shanti agree for his second marriage, even when his wife is alive, I told Shanti to get Shivam married, she did not agree, Amit is marrying Charni. He asks how will marriage happen. Shanti comes and asks why, I will get them married, we should change with times, I was against but I think Amit’s loneliness will end, Amit likes Charni, Charni likes him. Shivam comes and asks did anyone ask her, she got scared and said yes. Shanti asks him to ask Charni.

Kaushalya says Charni said yes seeing good proposal, you don’t want to marry. Shanti says I will get Shivam married if he agrees. Kaushalya thanks Shanti. Shanti says don’t get adamant for daughter’s marriage. Kaushalya asks why. Shanti says don’t know how inlaws taunt them. Kaushalya says fine, you said yes for Shivam’s marriage, I will find girls, if anyone comes in between, I will see. Shanti says everyone is threatening to die and did not die, will you die. Kaushalya says no. Shanti asks her not to force any girl and ask her wish. Shivam collides with Aarti and holds her hand. He asks her can’t she see and walk.

Raghav asks shall I call band for you. Shanti says don’t fight, apply face pack to Raghav. She goes. Kaushalya asks him to talk to Shivam, how will he live alone. Raghav asks her to understand, person should marry when he is ready. She says his wife has died. He asks her to stop it, give a chance to Shivam.

Aarti goes to room and cries. She says how to explain, I m already married, I m just Ajay’s wife. Kaushalya asks Shivam to have food. He refuses. She feeds him. He asks did Shanti sleep. She says no, she is happy for Amit, I m happy for you and Amit. He asks don’t you think its happening wrong, Rani loves Amit a lot, you don’t know what she will go through. She says Rani forced Amit to marry, she did not win his heart, Sarla is not at home, why did Rani leave home, she could have spoken to us, let this happen, Charni got a good fate. Shivam asks did anyone ask her what she wants, she wants to marry Amit or not.

Aarti packs bags and says Shanti did favors on me, but she is not understanding. Kaushalya says you are taking her side, she said yes. Shivam says at gunpoint, she was helpless. She shows her Aarti packing bag. He asks what shall I see. She says you and your dad are innocent, see she is packing her bag to go inlaws.

Aarti lies to sleep and recalls Amit’s words. She wakes up and goes out. She writes a letter. Rani hides and looks on. Aarti keeps letter on Shanti’s swing.

Mere Angne Mein 27th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Aarti takes Shanti’s blessings and meets baby, apologizing to leave her alone.

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