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Mere Angne Mein 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein  27th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with ladies complimenting Aarti. They gossip. Aarti worries. Ami says what’s happening with me. He asks the man to click Aarti’s photo. Bansi and Rajendra are in disguise and enjoy the drinks. The man clicks Aarti’s pic. Kaushalya sees some girls and asks them to have drinks. She talks to them about marrying Shivam. Golu says we have done everything, if Amit does not come. Rani asks him to look happy, we want some baraati as well. Golu asks her no to worry. He goes to beggars and gives them work to dress up as baraati. He gives them money and arranges more people’s costumes as well. Rani smiles.

Pandit requests Shanti to give him Dakshina. She agrees. Kaushalya shows the lahenga. Shivam says its good. She makes him meet his would be wife. He says I don’t want to marry, do you like these things. He goes. Amit asks Nimmi to go and get aarti, its mahurat time, go fast. Kaushalya argues with Preeti and asks her to work. The agent says another family came to meet you.

Shanti jokes and makes Raghav act along. Kaushalya says I want a wife for my son, not husband. Raghav laughs. Kaushalya sends the people. Preeti asks Bansi what was he doing. Bansi says we were just seeing the gift, we will leave. Preeti asks them to steal things well, I will decide what to give you, come and do the work. They agree. Pari comes to Aarti and asks are you happy. She asks her to come for jaimala. Aarti says I m getting dizzy, I want water. Pari goes to get water. Aarti worries as she does not have Rani’s number. Shanti asks the lady to give nek to Amit. Bansi and Rajendra hide and think Shanti will identify them. Rajendra says we will do the work for which we came. Shanti and everyone pose for photos.

Rani calls Nandu and asks is everything fine, go and see Charni once, she maybe too worried. Aarti thinks what to do, shall I tell truth to everyone. Aarti drinks water. Nandu comes and says Aarti will get fine by having food. He sends Pari for photo session. He asks her to come for jaimaa. Aati says I won’t go and exchange varmala. He asks he to trust him. Pai comes. Shanti asks where is Aarti. Pari says she said she is dizzy, Nandu is with her. Preeti gets angry. Shati scolds her. Shanti gets into an argument with Nandu.

Nandu thinks to hurt himself so that mahurat passes away. Everyone compliments Aarti. Shanti sees Bansi ans asks what’s this gift. Bansi lies that box has bomb and runs. They all throw the box. Kaushalya takes it. Shanti says you go from here, do and die, enough of Shivam’s marriage. Nimmi says we should see if bomb explodes. Nandu wishes mahurat passes away. Everyone scream. Amit says varmala should happen atleast. Shivam takes Aarti aside. They hear a sound and get scared. Shivam asks them not to worry, voice came from outside. He checks the box, while everyone stop him. Shivam checks all the boxes and does not find any bomb. He says there is nothing, don’t worry, its some crackers. Nandu recalls lighting the cracker to fool everyone. Shanti sees the bangles and bindi in the box. She gets angry on the person gifting this. She says mahurat is passing, we will start, come. Amit says we will start with jaimala.


Mere Angne Mein 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shanti says we will start marriage directly, pandit ji start gauri puja. Aarti worries.Nandu shows Golu and Rani’s pic to Amit.

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