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Mere Angne Mein 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Mere Angne Mein 27th March 2017 video watch online HD on

The Episode starts with Kaushalya calling Shivam. She says maybe he went office. Aarti cleans the floor. Shanti asks her did she have breakfast. Aarti says no. Shanti asks Nimmi to give food and tea to Aarti. Kaushalya tries calling. Shanti says if he was around, we would have seen him, explain him, its first day and see his ego. Raghav comes. He asks why are you angry, its enough that he went office. Shanti says he could have taken blessings, its his first day, how I left you to office on your first day. She shows the people playing dhol. She says I called them, as Shivam got govt. Job. Raghav smiles.

Shanti says Shivam took Kaushalya’s blessings and went for interview, even today he left without my blessings. She cries and says I always get insulted here, no one values me. Raghav says don’t cry, we will see for some days, if he does not change, I will get his transfer to other city, he will understand family value, I will go and see what he is doing at office. He leaves.

Kaushalya says I will call again. Shanti says she did not like my saying. Nimmi gives food to Aarti. Aarti eats food. Kaushalya calls office and asks for Shivam. She tells Shanti that Shivam did not reach office till now, he may lose job if he does not reach on time. Shanti asks Nimmi to call him. Aarti hears them and says he did not go out, he is on terrace. Kaushalya says why did you not tell before, did you want to see us worrying. Shanti says you will get time to scold her later, see where is Shivam.

They go upstairs and see Shivam sleeping. Kaushalya asks him to get up. Shanti asks Nimmi to get bucket of water. Aarti brings water bucket. They throw water on Shivam. He wakes up and sees them. Shanti scolds him. She says get ready and go for job, its first day. She asks Kaushalya to see her son, he is doing many mistakes, he got zero marks in life, will he do job well or not. Aarti hears them.

Shanti waits for him. She says I will see him, he did not come till now, he has to obey rules if he has to stay here, I will hear his answer. Kaushalya says he broke by Riya’s death. Shanti says many people lose wife and husband, everyone don’t do this, move from my way. She scolds Nimmi and Kaushalya. She asks Aarti to get stick. Aarti goes. Shanti gets angry on Kaushalya. Shivam comes. Shanti asks the men to play dhol, Shivam got govt. Job, he is my grandson. She asks everyone to dance. She asks Aarti to stay at home.

Shanti, Kaushalya and Nimmi dance in office while dropping Shivam. Officer gets irritated by sound. He asks the peon to stop them. Peon asks them to stop it. Shanti says my grandson got job, I m happy, we will dance. Officer goes to see. Shanti says we dropped Raghav same way. Shivam says its just a job. She says its big thing. Officer asks them to stop it. Shanti says my grandson got govt. Job, who are you, I m Shanti Devi. He says enough now, leave. She scolds him.

She says I came to meet Sinha, you look a peon, I know him well. He asks really. She says I will get you fired. He asks oh really. She asks him to go. He asks them to leave. She dances and says no. She asks him to call Sinha. Sinha asks peon to make them meet Sinha. Peon says he is our Sinha, old Sinha is transferred. Shanti gets shocked.

Kaushalya says now Shivam will lose job. Sinha scolds Shivam. Shivam asks him to decide to keep him or not. Shanti scolds Shivam and asks him to respect senior, apologize to him. She apologizes. She says Shivam is a nice guy, don’t spoil his report, we will go out. Nimmi says we will leave soon. Shanti says it was not Shivam’s mistake, he is like a cow, he will do all work, he has learnt all work from his father. She asks Shivam to start work. They leave.

Raghav thinks to call home. He says Kaushalya may get angry. His friend asks him why is he worried. He says I m worried for my son, he is hot tempered. She laughs and says he is not a small kid. She asks him to go and see him, I will come along. They go.

Aarti decorates the house nicely. Shanti and everyone come home, and see the house decorated with flowers. Shanti smiles and says amazing, Charni you decorated the house like a bride, its shining, how did you get money for flowers. Kaushalya asks did you steal, tell me, did you sell anything. Aarti says I did not need money. Kaushalya asks how did you get all these for free. Aarti says I got this storeroom, I have used the old flowers, I got these leaves from the road tree. Shanti says you are very talented woman, I m very happy. She asks Nimmi to learn from Aarti, house can be decorated without money. Kaushalya says even I could have done this. Shanti says but you did not do this, do and show.


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