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Mere Angne Mein 27th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 27th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Rani reading Aarti’s letter. Aarti writes she is helpless, she can’t marry amit, as she is already married. Rani gets shocked. Aarti touches Shanti’s feet and cries. Aarti writes I have cheated you, I stayed here and served everyone by heart, I know you all won’t forgive me. Aarti hugs baby and apologizes to leave baby and go. Rani thinks I was cursing this girl when its not her fault. Baby holds Aarti’s saree. Aarti cries. She prays. She silently leaves from the house. Rani follows her.

Aarti thinks of Shanti’s words. Some goons see her and tease her. Aarti runs back. Rani pulls her and gives her a stick in hand. They both beat the goons. The goons run away. Rani asks Aarti is she fine. Aarti says yes thanks. Rani asks where were you going at night. Aarti says I m helpless, I can’t marry Amit, so I m leaving house. Rani asks why. Aarti says I can’t say. Rani says I know, I read your letter, I promise I won’t let your marriage happen, don’t leave Shanti Sadan. Aarti says no, I have to go. Rani says now I know your truth, if you leave Shanti Sadan, you will reach same place. Aarti says I can’t remarry. Rani says when did I ask you to remarry, trust me, I won’t let this marriage happen. Aarti nods.

Shivam sits alone. Raghav comes to him. Shivam says I was not getting sleep. Raghav asks him to get everything out of mind, what is it. Shivam says I m worried because of mum, she wants to get me married, I don’t want to marry. Raghav says mum’s heart is such, I understand this, you are upset and she gets upset, she is not wrong. Shivam asks are you supporting her. Raghav says you did not forget Riya, I understand, think life is long, how will it pass. Shivam says I didn’t think, I can’t give Riya’s place to anyone. Shanti is supporting me and mum is not understanding me. Raghav says we all want you to get married. Shivam says I don’t want to remarry, matter ends here. Raghav says we are not putting pressure, marry when you are ready, life will get better, its tough to pass life alone. Shivam asks why did Dadi not remarry when Dada ji passed away, you and Sarla were young, leave about Dadi, if mum passed away, would you remarry for children’s sake.

Raghav gets silent. Shivam holds him and says you would have not remarried, as you can’t give mum’s place to anyone, same way I can’t give Riya’s place to anyone. He goes. Its morning, Shanti calls out Charni. Aarti comes. Shanti asks them to get ready, they have to attend marriage function. Aarti says I will stay at home with baby. Shanti says we will take her out.

Pari and Rani argue. Nandu gets call and refuses. He says I will not dance in anyone’s marriage for money. Preeti asks him to dance. He refuses. She thinks he is a fool to refuse to money. Ashok comes home and argues with Shanti. Raghav asks him did he get mad. Ashok says I came here as Rani’s dad, girl sees her parents in inlaws, I m ashamed seeing Amit has left Rani and hurting her, I will not tolerate this, I want Amit and Charni’s drama to stop, else remove my name from Amit’s name. They all get shocked. Ashok says I got affidavit, its written Amit is ending ties with me and my family, either Amit sign on this or break this marriage.

Mere Angne Mein 28th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Amit signs on papers and says now I will be Amit Srivastav, not Amit Agarwal. Shanti asks Amit to stay with them. Ashok says the guy who could not be of his dad and wife, what can he be of Srivastav family.

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