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Mere Angne Mein 28th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 28th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Ashok asking Amit to sign on affidavit or break marriage. Shanti opposes. Ashok says it my house matter, I want to know Amit’s opinion. He asks Raghav should he support his bahu or not, you are also father of two daughters and responsible father in law, tell me what to do. Raghav says I understand you, if my son did such thing, I would have kicked him out of house, he gave divorce to one wife and wants to keep other one. Ashok says he is marrying other one. Aarti thinks Rani is lucky to get elder’s blessings.

Amit says fine, I will sign. Shanti gives him pen. Amit signs and says now my name does not need your surname, I will take mummy’s name, I will be Amit Srivastav, thanks, go. Ashok says the guy who did be true to his dad and wife, what will be true to Srivastav family. He apologizes to Rani. Rani says you are like dad to me, why are you apologizing, I m proud I m Rani Agarwal even today. She cries and asks him to go, she will meet him later. Ashok leaves.

Shanti says Ashok came as tiger and went as cat. Amit says Ashok can’t see my happiness, he made me out of family. Raghav asks him to shut up, else he will slap him, he always cries and comes. He says I wish none gives such selfish children to anyone, you are doing wrong not to see father’s sorrow. Shanti argues. Raghav says Ashok did not say wrong. Shanti asks what’s wrong happening. Amit is alone, his life will get better, Rani and Amit were not happy, if Rani has no problem, what problem does Ashok has. She asks Amit not to worry, stay in Shanti Sadan, once you get married, stay with us, I will never forgive Ashok. Raghav tells Amit that he is doing much wrong. He goes.

Rani and Aarti go upstairs and talk. Aarti says I m scared, we will talk to everyone. Rani says no one will listen to you, I won’t let this marriage happen. Aarti calls her an elder sister. Rani cries and says I was wrong about you. Aarti says you are not wrong, none can see love going far. Rani says you are so matured. Aarti says my life is complicated. Rani says I feel everything will get fine when you are with me. Aarti says I wish this happens, I can see love in your eyes for Amit. Rani says Amit does not see my love, I wish he falls in love with me, don’t know what to do. Aarti says we have to do something that Amit does not like me. Rani says you said right, I got an idea, come with me. Aarti says no, it will be problem. Rani takes her to room and asks her to see herself, you look straight by face, Amit saw your beauty and got trapped, we will make him run away seeing your new style. Aarti says no, I think we should do something else. Rani does makeup to her.

Nandu’s mum asks Nandu to dance in minister’s daughter’s marriage, so that he can make contacts. Preeti says yes, your stardom will get high, atleast attend marriage. He agrees. Preeti calls his manager and says Nandu will come in marriage and take 10 lakhs, he won’t dance, it depends on his mood, if he dances, he will charge 20 lakhs, give money in my hands. Nandu’s mum hears her and says so Preeti did this drama for money.

Aarti asks will Amit run seeing me in makeup. Rani says I wanted to make you look ugly, but you are looking good. Aarti says I will remove makeup, Shanti will see me and get angry. Rani gets an idea and says I will make you a wild cat from a doll, Amit does not like girls who gives answers. Pari comes and asks what’s happening here. Rani worries.

Pari asks Rani does she have self respect, none likes her, even then she is here. She asks Rani to leave. Rani says I came to see Nimmi. Rani goes. Pari tells Aarti that they are simple people, Rani was their neighbor, tell me what Rani says. Aarti agrees. Aarti removes makeup.

Amit sees a couple arguing. The man asks Amit why is he remarrying. Amit says the girl is very simple. His friend says girls change after marriage, go home and talk to her strictly, see what she does. Pari sees Rani and Aarti. Pari goes to Shanti and says Rani is filling Charni’s earns. Shanti says I trust Charni. Pari asks her to see, your promise to get Amit married can break. Shanti says Pari is saying right. She calls Nimmi and asks her to find out what’s happening between Rani and Charni. Nimmi says fine, but did anything happen. Shanti says no, just go. Nimmi goes to hear them. Rani tells Aarti not to get scared, just do as she says, start answering Amit. Aarti agrees and says if Amit does not talk to me. Rani says he will talk to you. Nimmi thinks Rani is preparing enemy by staying at home, I have to tell this to Shanti. Nimmi sees Kaushalya in kitchen and thinks if Shanti cancels this marriage, then Shivam’s marriage won’t happen.

Mere Angne Mein 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Amit gets order to report in police station. New inspector comes. He hits the table and makes Amit’s name plate fall down.

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