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Mere Angne Mein 2nd August 2017 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 2nd August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Nandu asking Preeti when did he ask dowry, he still loves Preeti. Preeti cries. Nandu says I m not accepting Preeti as she does not respect me and my family, all this is a lie. Shanti says I know, else I would have got you arrested, I know Preeti, you also knew her and married her, then if some problem happened, you left her to Maayka, you should solve problem at home, do I come with Kaushalya’s problem to you. Nandu says but…. She asks him not to anger her, they are lucky to get each other, look at Pari and Nimmi, they are living alone.

Amit drinks and continues his love story. Golu asks what happened. Amit says my dad did all this. Golu asks what do you mean. Amit says I will tell you. FB shows Sarla being in tension. Ashok asks what happened, tell me. She says my party is giving me a chance to go abroad. He says its good news. She says there is a problem. He asks what is it. She says party said I have to come happily with family. He says we all will go.

She asks where is Rani, she is not coming home. He says I will get her. She says she is not agreeing. He says I got a great idea. Sarla likes his idea. Sarla goes to Rani and asks her to come home. Rani says I don’t believe Amit, I will not come back, I will find some guy and marry. Sarla thinks she is adamant, how to convince her. Rani gets a call and talks to the guy. Sarla hears about the alliance. She says I will make Amit love you, give me your support, you won’t tell this to him, I know you don’t believe in divorce. Rani asks why did you get happy that day. Sarla says all this does not look good, don’t do this, Amit loves you, I promise to unite you and him, I have to go abroad, I have to show happy family to party. Rani asks if you make me out of the house after coming back. Sarla asks how can I leave, agree now. Rani says fine, you have to write this on stamp paper. Sarla agrees. Rani asks her to make Amit love her. Sarla says yes, I did all planning, be happy. She goes. Rani smiles and says Ashok gave all this gyaan to Sarla, my love will win. Fb ends.

Preeti says forgive me, I forgot the meaning of love after getting cheated badly, I did not see who loves me. She stammers and says I realized Nandu loves me a lot. Shanti cries seeing her. Pari says our old Preeti came back, its amazing. Preeti apologizes. Golu says your dad is clever. Amit says I became Devdas and got scared to lose Rani, so I was drinking wine. FB shows Amit coming home drunk. Sarla worries seeing him. Sarla asks him to go and explain Rani, else send her to jail, how can she marry another man. Amit says let her remarry if she wants. Sarla gets a call and acts to talk to Prabha. Amit hears her and runs to Rani.

Ashok says you made him a husband today. Sarla says yes, Rani has to come here and I will go abroad, don’t tell this to anyone. FB ends. Amit says Rani was marrying someone, I have beaten that guy. Golu laughs and says this time I m laughing on your madness, when you realized love for Rani, why did you want to marry Charni. Amit says I was greedy to become Shanti’s fav, but I realized nothing is bigger than love, I want Rani, I will apologize to her. Golu says its your mistake, you rectify it. Nandu’s mum says I always wanted such bahu who loves my son, now Nandu got his wife, I will go back to village now. Shanti asks her to stay back and take bahu’s service. Nandu’s mum says no, I have to go village and manage big house made by Nandu there, I will make breakfast for you. Shanti says no, there is emergency at home, I will come later. Shanti blesses Nandu and Preeti. Preeti cries and hugs Nandu. Nandu says your place is always in my heart. They happily cry.


Mere Angne Mein 3rd August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Pari likes the parathas made by Kaushalya. Shivam asks her to give parathas. Kaushalya asks him to tell his wife to cook parathas for him.

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