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Mere Angne Mein 2nd February 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Sarla lying to Shanti and saying she got ration for Preeti, as Nandu lost the job. Shanti asks Preeti to learn from Sarla. Preeti says I m learning everything from Bua. Sahnti says don’t learn much. Shanti and Sarla go. Preeti hides pillow. Riya comes to Anupam’s house and sees house locked. She calls Anupam and his phone is off. She calls uncle to ask. She calls relatives and think no one has seen Papa, where is he. Goon has kidnapped Anupam. He asks Anupam to talk as much he said. Anupam calls Riya and talks as goon says. Riya says where are you, I was tensed on not finding you at home, you should have called me and informed, sorry, tell me where are you. Anupam says I m away, I will come back after 10 days, take care. She says I have imp work, come back soon. The call ends. The goon breaks the sim. Riya thinks to ask Bunty about certificates. Bunty does not answer.

Sarla finishes the food. Sarla comes home and sees Pari messing up the house. She asks Pari ti clean house. Pari refuses. Sarla scolds her and asks her to find other house. Pari does drama. Sarla asks her to wash utensils and cook food. Pari says I feel dizzy, my bp is getting low, you used to do work, what happened now. Sarla says I got tired, you do work.

Pari says you are not old. Sarla says if you can get dizzy, can’t I get old, go and clean the house. Pari acts and goes. Bansi calls Sarla and says I made Anupam talk to Riya. Sarla says don’t show your face, Riya knows you, its matter for 15 days. I will not let planning fail, I have bear a lot and got my only son beaten up. Amit hears her and asks why did you do this with me.

Sarla says Shanti always chooses Raghav’s children, this time I decided to ruin them, so I did this, Preeti supported me, we have erased Riya’s existence proof. Amit gets shocked. Sarla says entire family will go inside jail for 10-12 years, I will snatch everything from Shanti. Amit says I m in your full support, next time don’t get me beaten up. She says fine, you do my work, keep an eye on Riya and Shivam, spoil their work. He agrees and says when you get Shanti sadan, sell it, we will have our own bungalow. They argue over house name. Sarla agrees to him.

Prabha and Rani argue. Prabha says Amit will be hungry there, you are eating here. Rani says you are worried for him, he would have eaten a lot, I m eating now, you made spicy food, give me water. Prabha puts water in her plate. Rani says till I stay here, my fav dish will be cooked, you have to treat me well. Prabha asks what are you doing, leave my purse, go vegs from your money, else go and beg outside.

Rani says I will sell the lock and get vegs. Prabha says I will not leave you. Rani goes. Sarla calls Preeti and asks her to go Shanti Sadan, and see what is happening, Riya is clever. Preeti says this time they won’t get documents, they have to cry blood tears. Sarla says great, you enjoy seeing them in tension. Shanti sees her swing. Shivam comes home worried. Shanti asks did you get documents, give some good news. He says court is shut for 2 days, its lawyer’s strike, it will take time to make marriage certificate. Riya comes. Shanti asks her about documents. Riya says Anupam was not at home, he said he has gone to upasna kendra, I will go school and college tomorrow to get documents. Preeti smiles and thinks you won’t get anything.

A lady taunts Rani on the way and asks what is Prabha making you do, did you get vegs, its good you are doing some work. Rani sees Amit and asks her to ask Amit. The lady says Amit made you leave house. Rani says no one can make me leave house, I left house myself. Amit looks on. The lady goes.

Rani scolds Amit and asks him how can he not give father’s name to Babloo, is he so stone hearted, ask me the pain to be an orphan, I have no parents, I have bad fate that I can’t become mother, you will never understand this pain. She cries and says you don’t understand love and respect, shame on you. Riya cries and holds Shivam. He turns away and sleeps. They both stay worried.

Mere Angne Mein 3rd February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:
Riya asks college official about her documents. The man lies to them. Riya sees Amit at the college and stops.

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