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Mere Angne Mein 2nd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 2nd March 2017 Written Episode Update and Mere Angne Mein 2nd March 2017 video watch online on

The Episode starts with Shivam asking doctor about Riya. Doctor says she got head injury, she fainted, but both are fine now. Kaushalya asks did anyone from family faint, what happened, what did you say. Doctor says I said mum and child, both are fine, let her take rest. Everyone get happy. Kaushalya hugs doctor. They all smile. Shanti asks doctor if she saying about Riya. Doctor says yes, did you all not know this, congrats, Riya is pregnant. Nandu gets a call.

He says I m reaching, I got bit late. Doctor asks everyone to take care of Riya. Raghav, Nimmi and everyone smile. Kaushalya hugs Shivam. Shanti says we will celebrate to welcome new member in family. Nandu congratulates Shivam and says I have some work, I will leave now. Shanti happily cries.

Nandu scolds Preeti for announcing Riya dead and stealing her documents to punish her family, I can’t believe you have done all this. Preeti gets shocked and starts lying, saying how can I do this with my family, what are you saying, I did not do any such thing, trust me. He asks her to stop drama. She holds his legs. He says fine, I trust you. She says I m bad, but not so bad. He goes. She wipes her crocodile tears.

Kaushalya gives tea to Shanti. Riya comes downstairs. Shanti asks Riya to sit on swing, and make little Shivam rest in cradle. Nimmi says baby can be girl also. Riya asks Shanti to sit on swing, she has right on it. Shanti says you did all that to get swing. Riya says now I want your blessings and everyone’s love. Sarla comes dancing with her party members. She signs them to stop dhol and congratulates Shanti for becoming great grandma. Shanti asks her not to come inside her house.

Sarla apologizes to her for her mistakes. She cries and says I could not see you getting hanged, I was restless and did everything to save you, I can’t live without you. She accepts her mistakes and cries. She says Riya knows I have worked hard to save Shanti. Nimmi says Sarla is right, we could not enter jail without her. Kaushalya asks Shanti to forgive Sarla. Nimmi says we know Shanti can’t live without Sarla. Shanti gives a chance to Sarla and says it will take time to heal the wound by your cheat. Sarla says I will heal wound by love. She asks men to keep sweets in kitchen. She asks Nimmi to distribute sweets in neighborhood. She says I want to keep big jashan, its double happiness, you all got saved and Riya is pregnant. Shanti says when baby comes, my house will get filled by happiness, I will dance today.

Riya gets dizzy. Kaushalya says you have to be careful in initial months. Shanti signs her to go and rest. Kaushalya takes Riya upstairs. Shivam says Shanti is strange, she is giving credit to my baby. Riya asks is baby not mine. He says yes, baby and I are yours. Riya says you won’t leave chance to romance. He asks her to sit, and takes care of her. She asks him why did he stop scolding, I see your love in scolding, promise you will scold me when I do any mistake. He says when you left me, you did not think how will you get scolding.

Shanti says Riya can’t answer that, I can answer, Riya was scared by fear, but I have scared her, I was wrong and thought Riya is the problem of your life, you reached hospital because of her. He asks how can Riya become problem for me. She says I know, when you become father and get child in hand, you will understand why I did that, you are my grandson, I love you a lot. She cries. Riya goes to Shanti and holds her. Kaushalya and Nimmi come there and apologize to Riya for misunderstanding her.

Riya says you are my mum, don’t embarrass me, we will forget all this, we will make a new start happily, right Shivam. Shivam says no, I will not forgive Shanti, she will get punished. Shanti asks what do you. Shivam says you have to listen to someone. She asks who, I will not listen to you and Riya. Riya says you have to listen to this baby. Shanti says this baby will rule on me. Riya says yes, it will happen what the baby wants. Shanti agrees and says don’t think I agreed to you all, come.

Kaushalya hugs Riya and blesses her. She asks Shivam to take care of Riya. Shivam hugs Riya. A man delivers toys to Preeti. She takes the money from him. She says now I have to become Sarla Bua and plan things again. Shivam takes Riya downstairs. Shanti makes Riya sit on swing.

Shivam says everyone wants Shanti to dance on english song. Shanti says I like desi songs. Nimmi says desi song has fun. Preeti comes home and acts sweet to everyone. Shanti scolds Preeti. Preeti says I know I did wrong with you, what would I do, I thought Bua is alone and she needs help.

She defends herself. Shanti says we don’t want any planning and games here, go from here, we are happy. Preeti says Riya supported Sarla, if you have forgiven her, why not me, I will give my life if you don’t forgive me, I m would be Bua and got toys for baby. She emotionally blackmails them. Shanti asks Kaushalya to handle Preeti. Kaushalya says Shanti is angry, we have forgiven you, Nandu saved our lives, so your sins got washed. Nimmi hugs Preeti and says we will get happiness, we are becoming Bua. Preeti thinks its her bad day to hug her enemies.


Mere Angne Mein 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Riya walks downstairs and does not see banana peel on the stairs. Shanti sees it and gets shocked. Riya slips.

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