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Mere Angne Mein 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Shivam saying you wanted a wife for me, bahu for you, and mum for baby, here she is. Everyone gets shocked. Shivam says see I have filled her maang in shubh mahurat, are you happy now with my marriage, I fulfilled your wish, congratulate me, clap for me. Kaushalya gets shocked. Shivam asks her not to say a word from now on. He goes. Pandit says its Lord’s wish, the guy has filled bride’s maang in shubh time, I did not see such wedding, its exactly on mahurat, this marriage will be very auspicious. Shanti recalls Aarti’s words. Aarti shouts to Shivam. She asks Shivam how can he do this and cries.

Amit says I knew you will not do this with me, you love me a lot, now we will marry. Rani says you know, best day for a girl is when she loves someone and that man also loves her. Amit says I love you and will spend life with you, we will marry her. He asks pandit to read mantras. Rani stops and says I did not finish yet, I agree her love is everything for her, but bigger thing is her self esteem, I can’t marry you. Amit says I love you, you love me, how did self esteem come in between, I left my marriage and came here. She says I know, I did all this to explain love and value of women. He says I know love, I value you. She says I worked hard to get you, if you want to get me, you have to win my heart. Amit gets shocked.

Aarti asks Kaushalya to call Shivam, ask him to wipe off this sindoor, I can’t marry someone else. Kaushalya shouts shut up and wipes sindoor. She says Shivam was asking me not to force you marry Amit, it means you trapped him, you have done all this. Aarti says I did not. Kaushalya says you did good acting. Aarti says I did not do any acting, its sin for me to think this. Kaushalya asks her not to lie. She asks Nandu to take Aarti and make her heroine. Aarti says wrong happened with me. Shanti takes baby from her and slaps her. She says wrong happened with us. She gets angry.

She says one left you and second filled your maang, your life got better, you wanted both of them to be ready to marry you, you fell on Amit and went to terrace to meet Shivam, get happy. Nandu comes there. Aarti says I don’t accept this marriage, Shivam can’t fill my maang, because I m married. They all get shocked. Aarti cries.

Amit apologizes to Rani and says I know I did wrong, I will try my best to become good husband. Golu asks Rani why is she doing this when Amit came back. Rani says he came back but did not change, you helped me a lot, don’t talk in our matter. Golu says fine, I m always with you. Amit says you know she loves me, support me. Golu says I helped her, now keep me away from this matter, I will concentrate on my love. Amit says I will unite you with your love, just help me. Golu says why shall I tell you about my love.

Golu asks him to come to station from tomorrow, else he can lose the job. Shanti asks what did you say and gets angry on Aarti. Aarti says I m already married. Raghav looks on. Kaushalya asks why did you not tell Shanti when you came here with Raghav, you prepared to become bride, why did you not tell us. Aarti says my husband has given me divorce, he made me leave the house, I requested him to let me stay in house, he did not let me stay. Shanti asks why are you not going to him. Aarti says I begged him. Preeti says now came twist in the story, I married just one man, Shanti got second hand bride, this divorcee will stay here in our family. Nandu says sorry, Preeti will add fuel in the fire. He takes Preeti and goes.

The people gossip. Kaushalya cries. Aarti says I m going, I will not hurt you, I will never come here, I really don’t accept this marriage. Shanti says she does not accept this marriage. Pandit says wait, your maang is fulfilled in shubh mahurat, its a relation of births. Shanti asks pandit to not say all this, I don’t accept this marriage. Amit apologizes to Rani and says I will take you home with respect. Rani says I don’t want to come with you. Amit says when I realized love, why are you refusing. She asks do you realize love, when I was 15 years old, you held my hand and kissed my forehead, you said you love me a lot. He says I said but… She says then you forgot, from that day I regarded you my husband, I used to get food for you, polish your shoes, wash your clothes, I did your household work, and gave my savings to you, without saying anything, I kept Karwachauth fast for you. He says I know. She says I just wanted to see you to break my fast, you were with many girls, I felt maybe you will love me after marriage, I will make you count your mistakes, when Riya left you in mandap, I married you as I loved you, you gave me divorce, you were always wrong. Amit gets shocked.

Kaushalya says I told Shanti not to keep this girl at home. Shanti asks her to be quiet, I told Aarti not to cheat me. Aarti says no, I did not wish to cheat you, I lied to you, I did big mistake, forgive me. Shanti asks will your sins get washed by this, you got married to Shivam. Aarti says no, I did not wish to marry Amit, I would have died or left mandap. Shanti says I felt bad that Amit left you in mandap, I scolded Amit, but you did this drama, she has done this with Rani.


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