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Mere Angne Mein 31st January 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Amit asking Rani to come back home, Prabha will not let her stay in her house. Rani says I will not come back and argues. Prabha comes and asks Rani did anyone die in Shanti Sadan, where are you going with bad, are you thinking to come my home, did Amit make you leave. Rani says I left Amit. Prabha asks but why. Rani says its my personal matter, I don’t prefer to say. Prabha says this is my house, if you say reason, if I get pity, I can allow you to stay.

Pari comes and says I will say, Amit made Rani leave. Prabha asks why. Pari calls everyone to hear. She says Rani can’t conceive. Rani gets angry and holds Pari’s neck. Prabha stops them and asks Rani what happened to her. Rani says I left Amit, he did not leave me, Amit is a liar and cheater, he does not value relations. Prabha says I can’t keep you in my house. Pari argues with Rani. Prabha throws Rani’s bags and asks her not to come inside. Rani scolds Prabha. She says its my house also, I will call uncle and then we will see who leaves. Pari says Rani is clever. She goes inside Prabha’s house. Pari wishes all the best to Prabha.

Kaushalya says I m worried, what will happen. Sarla says what if Riya does not show papers to take revenge, see she did kidnapping drama. Shanti says she will show papers. Riya hears them and says you feel I m taking revenge, your thinking is so cheap and small, I m not dying this, court said till proof is given, they will assume me dead. Shanti asks her to get papers and present there, I want to end this soon.

Lawyer asks Riya to give papers to him. Riya agrees. Raghav leaves for office. Shanti asks family to come home. Shivam sees Riya. Prabha and Rani argue. Some neighbor ladies come and tell Prabha about elections. Prabha says Amit made Rani leave for a second woman. Rani says no, I left home myself. The lady says you did get a child in one year. Rani says yes, I will try that no one gives you vote. The lady says I was joking, I m going to give pressure cooker to all women, I will do protest in your inlaws. Rani says what shall I do, I m in no hurry to go back to inlaws. The ladies leave.

Shanti and everyone come home. Shanti sees a guy posting election posters on her house wall and scolds him. The guy says party wants to fight elections and wants lady contestant. Shanti taunts him. The guy says I heard you killed Riya and court is not believing Riya, you have to be in jail forever. Shanti hurts him. Everyone stop Shanti. Shivam asks the guy to leave.

Shanti asks Kaushalya to open lock fast. Riya looks on. Riya asks Shanti not to do mistake to sit on swing. Shanti gets shocked. Shivam asks Riya to think for her documents. Riya says I have more tension than you, Shanti has no right to sit on swing. She thinks sorry to do this, I have to find out who can fall so low in our family to do this. She goes.

Shanti says I will never forgive Riya for snatching my swing, we will send her once we get free. She says I will make swing pure. Nimmi asks shall I keep gangajal safe. Shanti asks are you having fun. Nimmi says no. She asks Kaushalya to get ginger tea. She sees swing and cries. Shivam looks on.

Riya checks her files and does not get any Id proof. She gets worried and checks more documents. Rani sees Amit relaxed and thinks how is this man. He is having fruits. Sarla comes home and says Shanti’s family got 15 days time. She asks Rani to get tea for her. Amit says she left home and went to her Maayka. She asks why. He tells everything.

She says its good Rani left, but its proved Babloo is your son, if Naina comes here to stay then… Amit asks her not to worry. She says I want good news that Shanti went to jail. Sarla asks Pari to make tea. Pari refuses. Sarla asks her to do work if she has to stay here, Rani used to do all work alone. Pari says go and get her back. Amit asks Sarla to manage. She asks him to trap rich girl and make her bahu.

Shanti asks Shivam to make papers today itself, Riya can deny it. Riya shouts to Shivam. Kaushalya says she started new acting. Shanti says I can’t bear this. Kaushalya says she will not give papers easily. Shanti says yes, she will keep condition. Riya says I m not getting my documents, see this. She says our wedding pics are missing. He asks how can this happen. Riya goes to Shanti and says all documents and pictures are missing. They get shocked.

Mere Angne Mein 1st February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:

Riya says I did not do this, someone else is doing this, who feels this house is their enemy. Kaushalya asks who. Nimmi says Preeti….

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