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Mere Angne Mein 3rd June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Mere Angne Mein 3rd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with a thief stealing Preeti’s purse. She shouts and runs after him. Nandu and his mum see her. Nandu stops the car. He asks what happened. She says a thief has stolen my purse. He says we will go police station and complain, how did you come here. She says I came for mum’s work. He asks her to come. Aarti sees Shanti. Shivam comes home. Shivam tells about decoration charges. Shanti asks Charni to give money to Shivam. She asks him to see the cards and select. He asks them to final it.

Rani asks him to see. Shivam gives the card to Aarti and asks for money. Money falls down. He asks can’t you see. Shanti says don’t scold her, its her marriage tomorrow. Shanti asks Aarti to choose card for Shivam’s marriage.

Pandit calls Kaushalya. She asks him to give Preeti’s address to girl’s family. She calls Preeti and asks shall we keep meeting at your house, Shanti is not agreeing for Shivam’s marriage. Preeti agrees and asks her to come. Kaushalya thanks Lord. Shivam and Aarti see each other. Kaushalya makes excuse to Shanti. She leaves. Amit asks Golu can I go and have food. Golu listens to music. He says I just have one song in life, Mere sapno ki rani…. He thinks of Nimmi and prays to meet her again. He asks Amit to get food from home for him also. Amit says I will call my would be wife, she cooks well. Amit calls Aarti. She answers call. Shivam asks Aarti not to help Kaushalya again. Amit hears them. Aarti ssays I will always help Kaushalya. Amit praises her. He asks her to cook food and come to police station.

Amit asks her when does she want to go for honeymoon, what gift she wants for mu dikhai. She gets shocked. He asks her to call him if she misses him. He says she got shy and smiles. Rani asks Aarti what happened. Aarti says Amit called and asked for food. Rani says I will take food. Amit says my would be wife is coming. Golu says I know your entire story. Amit asks how do you know this. Golu says I know everything.

Kaushalya and Preeti attend girl’s family. The lady asks where is Shivam. We will talk after we meet him. Kaushalya asks how to call Shivam, he will get angry if I tell him. Preeti says call him and say I fell from stairs, he will come to take me to hospital. Kaushalya calls Shivam. She tells him to reach Preeti’s house, she fell from stairs, she is alone, go and help. He says fine, don’t worry. He leaves. Rani asks Shanti shall I send Charni with food. Shanti says its her haldi. Rani asks shall I go. Shanti asks her not to do any drama.

Rani asks who will go then, Amit can get unwell from outside food. Shanti asks Nimmi to go. Nimmi says I have work, I want money for Aarti’s lahenga. Shanti argues. She asks Charni to get 500rs and give to Nimmi.

Shivam comes to Preeti’s house and sees her fine. Kaushalya asks her to see girl, she is beautiful, tell me if you like her. He says I don’t want to remarry, why are you forcing me. He apologizes to girl’s family and says I don’t want to marry, I m already married. He goes. Lady scolds Kaushalya. The man scolds pandit and they leave. Amit imagines Aarti getting tiffin for him. She feeds him food. He holds her hand. Golu slaps Amit and asks what are you doing, you were biting my hand. Amit says I was dreaming my wife feeding me. Golu says you dream such. Nimmi comes there with tiffin. Golu sees her and smiles. She gets shocked seeing him.


Mere Angne Mein 4th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kaushalya applies haldi to Shivam. He asks her what is she doing. Shanti says I understand everything, you applied haldi to Shivam so that he remarries.