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Mere Angne Mein 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Kavita meeting Shivam and doing drama. Kaushalya says I m scared, I m not an actor. Nimmi makes her ready and comforts her. Pari comes and compliments Kaushalya. She says Nimmi has no fashion sense, how did she fix this bindi. She changes bindi. Aarti manages Raina. She sees Shivam’s bag and says I have to talk to Kaushalya and make this bag reach Shivam. She makes Raina lie in cradle. She takes the bag. Kaushalya says this is my mum’s necklace. Pari likes it and makes her wear it. She thinks I understand why Kaushalya got mad for this necklace.

Pari says you will become big star now. Nimmi hugs Kaushalya. Aarti comes and says Shivam forgot his kit bag, we have to send it. Pari asks her to go and give it. Aarti asks Nimmi to take care of Raina. Shivam asks will you do boxing in saree. Kavita says yes, my Papa does not listen to me, I m helpless woman, I have no interest in boxing, I have interest in clothes and jewelry. He says you mean, you don’t like boxing. Aarti comes and gives him kit. He asks what are you doing here, Nimmi would have got this. Aarti says Nimmi had some work. He thanks her.

Kavita says I want to go home, my legs are aching, shall I go. He says no. She asks why, you want to torture me. He says I will train you, you attack, I will defend. Kavita acts. He says I will make you a boxer, go and run two rounds.

Kavita asks how will I run in saree. He says get habitual to run in saree. She runs. Pari compliments Kaushalya. Nimmi asks Kaushalya to come for the shot. She applies black dot to her and hugs her. She makes her have curd and sugar. Kaushalya hugs Pari and Nimmi, and laughs. Mannu comes to Raghav. He says I m worried. She asks the problem. He says I don’t know what will Shivam do. She says everything will be fine. He tells about shooting happening at home. They have a talk. She says call Kaushalya, talk to her and lighten heart. He calls Kaushalya and asks how is shooting going on. She says its going good, take my autograph, I have become heroine. He gets shocked.

He says I knew something will happen. He asks her to see her age. She says I m playing Nandu’s mum’s role. He laughs and says its called mum’s role, I thought will you sing and dance, do you know acting. She says I used to do Ahilya’s role in childhood. He asks is there any father’s role. She says yes, they took some famous artist. He asks her to tell Nimmi to make video call to Mannu. She calls Nimmi and asks her to make video call. Mannu and Raghav see Kaushalya on video call. Kaushalya asks Nimmi to make them talk to Nandu.

Aarti says why did she wear saree like this, she will fall down. Shivam looks at her. Kavita takes rounds and comes. She says I can’t run. Aarti says you can’t run wearing saree. Kavita says I told him. Shivam says I understand, I m your coach, how Jhansi ki rani wears saree, wear that way and run. Kavita says I will faint. He asks her to go what he says.

Nandu and Kaushalya act in the scene. The man praises Kaushalya. Nimmi says you said dialogues well. The man says you have another scene, go and change. Nandu says you praised her a lot, she is my mum in law, stay in manners, else your movie will be incomplete. He goes.

Kavita runs. A guy jokes on her. She kicks him down and runs. Shivam looks on. Aarti asks shall I leave. He asks her to go. Kavita comes. He scolds Aarti and holds her hand. Kavita says leave her, she will he hurt. Aarti says leave me, its hurting. Kavita attacks. He moves and holds her hand. He says it was good, nice attack, unpredictable, remember one thing, your opponent should not know your next move, your stamina should be strong, you have to run 20 rounds more, move, do as I say, I m your coach, if you stop, then 40 rounds, else 80, remember. She says you will regret a lot.

He says you don’t touch me this way, you are regretting wearing saree, go and run, else do sit ups. Kavita runs. He stops Aarti and says I know I should have not done this, I just wanted to see what Kavita does, I should apologize. Aarti cries and says you should apologize, what right do you have to hold my hand.


Mere Angne Mein 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Everyone smile seeing shooting. Shanti comes home. Kaushalya gets shocked seeing Shanti.

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