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Mere Angne Mein 4th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 4th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Mere Angne Mein 4th March 2017 video watch online on

The Episode starts with Riya scolding Shivam and Nimmi and tells that her baby is kicking her. Shivam asks her not to scold his baby. He says I have decided that my son will become a sportsman. Riya asks if this is a girl then…Shivam says then she will become sportswoman. Shivam asks Riya to take rest and asks Nimmi to go to her room. Nimmi says bye to Riya and her baby and goes.

Amit searches for flower and stops people taking dead body’s last rites. He tells that he needs a flower to woo his wife. The man tells that the body is of his owner’s dog. Amit says why you have burdened flowers on dead dog’s body and takes flowers kept on dog’s body. They leave. Amit stops a neighbor boy Tinku and asks about his studies. Tinku asks what is the work? Amit asks him to give letter and flowers to Rani, and tells that she is angry at him. Tinku takes letter and flower.

Shanti asks Preeti to help Kaushalya in work rather than sitting idle. Party worker comes and says we have to win next elections, and says Sarla is everywhere. Shanti says I know how she won in the election. She says don’t know if I will be alive after 5 years or not. She asks why he came home? Party worker tells her that Neta ji wants her to attend party worker’s daughter marriage. He says if you attend the marriage then people will think we don’t differentiated between poor and rich. He says that party worker is poor and asks her to help him financially also. Shanti says Sarla must also be going there. Party worker says Sarla refused.

Shanti says I don’t want to go and asks party worker to go. Nimmi stops him and says if you go there then everyone will praise you and asks her to think politically. Shanti says you are a good advisor. She says I don’t want to leave my bahu Riya as her delivery date is near. Riya asks her to go and come back soon, says delivery date can delay also. Nimmi, Preeti and Shivam tell that they are with her. Riya says I will tell my baby that Dadi is not here, and asks him not to come until you returns. Shanti laughs and agrees. She calls Kaushalya and asks her to make food for 100 people. Kaushalya asks if she got an order. Shanti orders her and tells that food is for party worker’s family. Party worker tells that he will call media. Shanti asks Shivam to take care of Riya and inform her about her.

Sarla comes to know that Shanti is going to attend poor party worker’s daughter marriage and took food for guests also. Her party worker asks her to go there. Sarla gets angry on Shanti and asks her party worker to send a rice bag there.

Tinku comes to Rani’s house and gives her letter and roses. She says Amit gave this. Rani gets happy and reads the letter. She stops Tinku and asks him to have gulaab jamun. She asks Tinku to read the letter for her and says she can’t understand English.
Tinku reads the letter and misinterprets the letter as it is written wrongly. He says he doesn’t love you and said that he has no respect for you and asked you not to return in his life. Rani gets angry and says now I will show what I will do.

Shanti is in the marriage function and asks waiter to serve less. She asks Party worker to see the arrangements. Poor party worker regrets to leave Shanti’s party and promise her to vote for her in next elections. Shanti says I will meet the bride. He says he will make her meet his daughter and shows the groom. Groom collides with a woman wearing a ghunghat and holds her hand tighly, asking can’t you see while walking. Shanti asks the woman who is she? Woman goes. Groom says his clothes are stained and goes to clean it. Meanwhile Sarla comes with her party workers. They say slogans….Sarla asks Shanti why did you come here? Shanti says she came to help her. Poor party worker tells that Shanti have done food and light arrangement. Sarla says I know and tells that her daughter Pari will do bride’s make up.

Riya is talking on phone. Nimmi comes home. Riya gives her cheque and says it came from her insurance policy. She asks her to start her designer business. Nimmi refuses to take cheque. Riya insists and gives her promise. Nimmi agrees and asks why you are giving me money now. Riya says I want to end all important work right now as after baby comes, he will not give time for me to do work. Nimmi cries and apologizes to her. Riya asks her to forget everything and start afresh. She hugs her.


Mere Angne Mein 4th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sarla asks Shanti and others to come with her and says she will drop them. Shanti says you are from opposition and our mum-daughter relation is in the house only. She says I will die, but will not come with you. Shanti looks on.

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