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Mere Angne Mein 5th August 2017 Written Episode Update [ Last Episode ]


Mere Angne Mein 5th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Chandra saying puja will happen, you just see how it happens. He stares at her and says you have made me wait a lot, I will do great puja. She gets shocked. Shivam calls out Aarti. Kaushalya gets surprised seeing Shivam carrying baby and asks Shanti to see. Shivam asks Kaushalya where is Aarti. Shanti says we don’t know, did she run away. Aarti shows the knife to Chandra and says I knew you will do such, don’t come ahead, I will take my life. Chandra hits and makes knife fall. Baby cries. Kaushalya says she is crying a lot, take her out. Shivam goes out. Shanti says why did you send him out, Aarti is also there near temple.

Aarti fights with Chandra. Chandra tries to molest her. Aarti shouts to Shivam for help. Shivam hears her and gets shocked seeing Chandra’s devilish act. He hits Chandra and asks Aarti to hold the baby. Shivam beats Chandra and scolds him. Aarti hugs the baby and cries. Shivam says I will show your truth to family, come. He beats Chandra and takes him. Shanti asks Shivam what is he doing, he is a saint, leave him. Shivam says he will go to hell, you know what he did with Charni. Shanti says he was doing puja to make her leave from house, Aarti is talking to Golu and meets Ajay in market, we don’t want her at home, don’t trust her. Shivam beats up Chandra.

Pari calls Amit and says don’t know what happened to Shivam, he is beating Chandra, come fast. Shivam says I will kill him. Shanti asks Raghav to come and see, Shivam is beating Chandra, will Aarti send Shivam to jail, make Aarti out of house. Raghav asks what are you saying. Chandra asks Shanti to divide the house, this woman is very fast, she showed her true colors when I sat in puja, she is characterless. Shivam throws the stick at Chandra and shouts she is my wife, she is mum of my daughter, if you touch her, I will kill you. Aarti looks at Shivam.

Raghav asks Shivam what happened. Shivam tells everything. They all get shocked. Chandra runs away. Shivam says this man has run way, he was molesting Aarti. Rani comes with Amit. Rani says I came to give a solution, this letter was kept by Charni at your swing, it has all her truth, I took this letter so that she does not leave the house. She reads Aarti’s letter for Shanti. Shanti and everyone get shocked.

Amit says Charni is very nice, she has saved Shivam from jail. Shanti says I have forgiven Aarti. She asks Aarti to forgive her. Aarti says don’t say like this. Shanti asks Aarti to come, she will drop her to Ajay. Aarti says no, this is my house now, this baby is mine, I m your bahu and Shivam’s wife, I can’t go breaking all these relations. Shanti blesses her. Shivam smiles.

Raghav asks Shanti what is she doing, go and sleep. Shanti cries and hugs him. He asks did you forgive me. She asks can I stay angry with you, just promise me you won’t go away from me. He says I won’t go.

Its morning, Aarti serves food to everyone. Raghav asks Shanti how did she like the food made by bahu. Shanti praises the food. Kaushalya tastes food and likes it a lot. Shanti gives her nek. Kaushalya also gives her nek. Aarti massages Shanti’s legs. Shanti says life is a struggle, always face it with courage, ups and downs come. Kaushalyaa asks Aarti to hurry up. Aati’s finger burns. Kaushalya cares for her. Shivam and Aarti play with baby and smile. Aarti gives fruits to Shanti. Shanti feeds her.

Aarti stops Shivam and says I want to go somewhere, if you come along, I will have courage. He asks where. She asks him to come. He agrees. They leave. Ajay gets shocked seeing Aarti. He asks how dare you come here. He scolds her. She says I had to return something to you, its very precious. He asks do you have any jewelry, give it then. She slaps him. She says this slap is answer of every torture you did on me, I was always silent, I m not weak, I stayed silent as I had self tolerance, it was imp to show you your real place, my self esteem is still alive. He asks how dare you. He raises hand. Shivam holds his hand and says I told you, someone else will show you your real place. Aarti says I got to know what’s real husband, who makes you strong, not weak, who teaches you to live life free, who guides and supports you. Shivam holds her hand. She slaps Ajay again and says you don’t do wrong with anyone else. She goes with Shivam.

Shivam says you have much courage. She says you gave courage to me, I wanted to tell something, sorry, I misunderstood you, thanks for supporting me always. He says no sorry and no thanks in friendship. They smile and become friends. Its morning, Shanti calls everyone. She says I want to get free of responsibilities, so Kaushalya will sit on swing now. They all get surprised. Kaushalya says I won’t sit in your presence, we will run house as you want. Shanti says fine. She takes baby and asks Nimmi to get her husband’s pic. Raghav asks Shanti to call Golu. Shanti asks Golu to come in. She unites Golu and Nimmi, and says we will do your marriage well. She asks Golu to call his mum. Golu says she is in my heart, I did not see her till now, but I know she would love me. Shanti says you always tell about your mum. Golu says because if she was here, she would have said so. Amit and Rani come and take blessings. Shanti says my entire family is here, I want to see everyone. They all smile.

The show ended on a happy note.

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