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Mere Angne Mein 5th February 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Shanti saying I will not stand in elections. The minister says fine, you may not like politics, if you do a good thing, all bad stains of life gets washed. He goes. Kaushalya asks Shanti to stand in elections. Shanti asks her to stand in elections herself. Kaushalya says they did not ask me. Nimmi says our case can get dismissed if you join politics.

Riya’s boss says I don’t know you, why are you after me. Shivam asks how, we worked here for so long. Boss says I don’t know you. Shivam apologizes to him and asks him not to take revenge, my family is in big problem. The boss says I have no documents, our company name is not Sunehra. Shivam and Riya get shocked. Shivam says fine, when we joined here, we have mailed you certificates, you will have it. Boss says I don’t have anything. He asks guard to throw them out. Shivam and Riya leave.

Sarla is thrown out. Pari asks her to understand, her respect will be spoiled. Sarla says no, I will take ticket and leave. Prabha laughs on Sarla and asks did you get ticket, you are jealous. Sarla scolds Pari. She says I will take ticket. Bindu calls Prabha. Prabha tells Bindu that Sarla is kicked out, you should be here. Sarla argues with her. They both fight and throw each other’s phones. The Belan party meeting goes. They talk about Mrs. Dixit standing in elections.
Amit is in disguise with Bansi. They fool Shivam’s boss. Boss says I did as you said and did not identify Riya, you said you have proof against me, what is it. Amit says when I got to know about Shivam and Riya’s fraud, I got to know someone from this company is cheating, if you help Riya then… Boss says no, I don’t know her. Amit says my officer will not agree without bribe, give 20000rs, its very less than your fraud. Boss says fine, I will get it. He gives money to Amit. Amit and Bansi leave.

Tawa party meeting goes on. Shanti comes there. Two men hide under the table. Shanti says I m ready to stand in elections. The man asks her to make a formal announcement. The man does formalities and her aarti. Shanti says my family will get free after party joining. Bela party gets news about Shanti standing in elections from Tawa party. Belan party thinks to choose Sarla from their side. Sarla and Prabha argue and fight. The man stops everyone. He asks Sarla to fill the form and stand in elections. Prabha says I will go police and stop Sarla from getting votes. Pari says Sarla is going to become minister, remember we will send you to jail. Pari says I m Sarla’s secretary, anyone who wants to talk to her, can talk to me. Sarla laughs and goes to sign the form.

Riya comes to meet Bunty. She says just you can prove I m Riya. Bunty asks who are you. Riya says you are joking right. Bunty refuses to identify Riya. Shivam and Riya get shocked. Riya angrily slaps Bunty and asks do you remember now, did you get some shame, I m your childhood friend. She cries and begs Bunty not to do this. Bunty asks Shivam what’s happening, who is this girl, this is not Riya. Shivam asks who will know her then. Bunty says if you don’t take her, I will call police. She shuts the door. Riya cries and shouts our friendship is over now. Shivam says now I also feel someone is planning this, go home, I will meet lawyer and come. Bunty cries and says how to tell you Riya. She thinks of someone video calling her and threatening her about Anupam. She gets shocked.

Sarla and Pari come home dancing. Rani looks on. Prabha comes. Sarla asks her to get away. Rani says what’s happening. Pari says Prabha went to take ticket. Prabha says Sarla got the ticket. Rani asks what, Sarla got ticket. Pari says yes, very soon Sarla will become PM, your fate is bad to leave home at wrong time. Sarla says I will do everyone’s good except yours. Rani asks how do you know about contender. Sarla says I will see her.

Shanti comes home and talks to minister. Nimmi says when Sarla knows you stood in elections, she will be glad. Rani says Sarla will get insulted. Sarla says I don’t have respect to get insulted and laughs. Nimmi says Sarla is not answering. Shanti says okay, call her later.

Mere Angne Mein 6th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:
Pari says Sarla is standing in elections. Shanti asks her to take her name back. Sarla refuses to fight elections. Shanti swears to sit on hunger strike.

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