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Mere Angne Mein 5th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 5th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Mere Angne Mein 5th March 2017 Video Watch Online on 

The Episode starts with Kaushalya singing Meri banno….. A lady Aarti goes to the would be groom Ajay. Ajay slaps his first wife Aarti and hurts her angrily, asking why are you trying to break my marriage, you are a maid and always be a maid in this house. She cries. He gets a call and answers. He talks to his would be wife and talks to her well. He says this illiterate will just stay as maid, nothing will happen, don’t worry. The girl asks him to decide whom he wants in his life. She ends call. Ajay hurts Aarti more. She cries.

Pari asks bride to let her do touches to her makeup. Bride refuses. Pari insists and takes her. Nimmi asks Riya not to work. Riya says I m just peeling garlic, I will make dinner. Shivam says no, I will make dinner. The whistle blows and falls down. Shivam says if anything happened to anyone then, its dangerous. Nimmi and Riya smile seeing his worry. He asks them to take cooker out. He keeps cooker away and says such dangerous utensil, take it out, I will cook food, you both sit and see, how chef Shivam cooks food.

He makes Riya sit. Riya says what will happen. He keeps a big kadai on stove. He asks where is oil. Riya says kadai is very big for food for three. Shivam asks her to sit quiet and see. He cuts vegetables. Nimmi says we should go out, war is going on here. Shivam asks Nimmi to go. Nimmi asks Riya to take care and goes. Shivam asks Riya to tell him how to cook. Riya says I will tell, calm down, get the vegetables and put it. Riya and Shivam cook together.

She smiles and thinks of a little baby. Shivam and Riya take care of baby together. Aarti cries. Ajay wears pagdi and says if you are seen around me, I will not leave you. He threatens her and goes.

Nimmi comes back and asks Riya and Shivam to go out, I will clean the messed up kitchen. Shanti and Kaushalya shower flowers. Aarti thinks where will I go, I just loved you in this world. She sees Amit taking wedding rounds with the other girl and cries.

Rani comes to Shanti Sadan and cries. Shivam asks what happened, will you say. Riya asks where are you crying. Rani shows the letter Amit has sent her. Riya says I will read once, how can he write this. She sees letter and laughs. She says Amit has not written this, Pari has written this. Rani says its Amit’s messaged conveyed. Nimmi says I will read. She laughs seeing letter.

She says Shivam can read it if he can. Shivam says don’t worry Rani, I will explain Amit. Rani says no use to explain. Nimmi asks Shivam to read letter once. Shivam laughs reading letter. Rani asks what happened. He says Pari has written this letter, just she can write such standard english, maybe Amit wanted her to write something else. Rani says I will read it. She reads. Shivam and Nimmi explain what Amit wanted to write.

Shivam says Pari ruined the meaning, Amit called me and he always speaks of you, he loves you a lot. Rani says no, he wrote I hate you. Shivam and Nimmi read and laugh, saying Pari wrote this, Amit loves you, he does not realize it, he is mad. Riya says yes, Amit should realize the love.

Shanti says we will leave now. The man thanks her for coming in marriage and helping. Sarla says I got my car, I will drop you home. Shanti says no, I came from opposition, I will go alone. Sarla says we are family, why are you not taking help. Shanti and Sarla argue. Shanti refuses to take Sarla’s help and asks Kaushalya and her party members to come with her.


Mere Angne Mein 6th March 2017 Written Episode Update : Shivam says this is my life’s best time. Riya takes his promise that he will marry her in every birth. She thinks I don’t want to spoil this best moment and have to hide this matter, sorry.

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