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Mere Angne Mein 6th February 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Rani asking Sarla not to dream. Sarla says I will win definitely, even Shanti will help me in campaigning. Sarla and Pari dance. Preeti comes there and tells Sarla that Shanti is standing from Tawa party side. Sarla gets shocked. Shanti says the day started well. Riya comes. Shanti asks her did she get papers, give me good news, where is Shivam. Riya says we got nothing in office, even Bunty refused to know me, someone is trapping us. Shanti says I don’t know anything, just get the evidence and hand it over to me. Sarla and her group come there and dance on dhol. Nimmi also dances with them.

Sarla congratulates Shanti for standing in elections from Tawa party side. Shanti says yes, I m good in politics, I will win. Sarla says but if contender is tough, you will lose. Shanti says I heard the other party member is weak, I will win, even you are with me. Sarla says no, I can’t be with you. Shanti asks why, did you feel bad or angry about something. Sarla laughs. Pari says no, actually Sarla is the contender from Belan party. Shanti gets shocked. Pari cheers for Sarla’s name. Sarla says Pari is saying true. She asks men to play dhol and dances. Shanti says don’t joke, my heart is sinking. Sarla says no its true. Shanti says how can you stand against me, don’t come in party’s words, I joined party to solve this case matter. Pari says Shanti is great and will take name back. Nimmi thinks Shanti should not step back. Shanti says why will I take name back, Sarla will take her name back, its same that either of us wins. Sarla says I heard that the child who is blessed by mother wins. Shanti says you take your name back, my experience is more. Sarla refuses to her. Sarla cooks a story and lies to Shanti.

Shanti says I have a solution. Nimmi says no Dadi, you will not move back, I want to see you winning. Sarla asks Nimmi not to stand as wall between them. Shanti says I will talk to your party guys, I m great and you become great by taking name back. Sarla says no, I will not take my name back, Rani and Prabha insulted me, Rani said we are poor people and left home. Nimmi says she will come back. Shanti says I will get Rani back. Sarla says no, I will not take name back. Shanti says don’t be stubborn, I will fight in elections. Sarla says then forgive me, I will also stand in elections. Shanti asks are you sure. Sarla says I won’t take name back. Shanti says I swear to sit on hunger strike from today. Kaushalya says no, what are you saying. Shanti threatens to take name back, and says I will die but not take my name back. Sarla says you will not stay hungry and I will not take name back, come Pari, I know you can’t die. Kaushalya asks Sarla to forget politics. Sarla leaves.

Preeti says I will explain Sarla. Shanti says you are our spy, I know everything, you have told this to Sarla, go now. Preeti goes. Shanti says I can’t move back, when Sarla sees my hunger stricken face. She will take her name back. Nimmi says if she does not move back then..Shanti asks her not to say bad. The ladies taunt Shanti. Nimmi stops Shanti and says we have to take vote from them, don’t fight. She does Shanti’s campaign. They dance on dhol beats.

Some men sit at tea stall and chat. Rani comes there in market. A man passes comments about Rani. Another man stops Rani and asks him to marry Pappu, after all Amit is a gambler and he cheated you. Amit comes there and beats the men. Rani scolds Amit for doing all this to get respect.

Shanti sits thinking. Kaushalya comes to her. She asks why did you decide this. Shanti signs about politics. Kaushalya signs hunger strike. She says what did you do, if Sarla refuse and fight elections, what will you do. Shanti asks her not to cry and spread bad luck. She says I know Sarla, she loves me, she will remove her name seeing my ill state. Kaushalya goes. Rani gives bangles to Amit and says you deserve this. She insults Amit. The men taunt Amit. Amit gets angry on them. Rani scolds Amit. She also scolds the men. The man says your marriage did not stay because of your attitude, its good Amit left you. She says I left Amit, he did not leave me, I will show what I can do. She throws stones at them. She asks Amit to leave, as she is very angry today. Amit goes.

Kaushalya says politics and war ground are same, I came to do your aarti. She does Shanti’s aarti and tilak. Shanti says we will win, now go, its fine. Kaushalya goes. Shanti tells her husband that she got into politics now, you make me win now, Sarla can’t win, ask her to move from my way, I stepped in politics just to save my family, if I win, I promise I will do good to everyone.

Mere Angne Mein 7th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:
Amit comes to Shanti Sadan and lies about visiting Riya’s school. Riya asks Amit why did he visit her college. He gets tensed.

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